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What a difficult week it has been, but we made it thru- more or less unscathed. After finishing our scandinavian shows, we returned to Germany- did a photo shoot, which i think will turn out really well- and the next day played a show in Bielefeld, before heading to the Dour Festival in Belgium where we played with Oomph!, London After Midnight, & KMFDM. It was a very large mainstream festival, with big alternative acts in every genre from techno to harcore, hip-hop and reggae to metal and punk. It was very strange, but the show went really well. From there we went to Holland to play a show in Roderdam. After we finished soundcheck, Rachel and I headed to a local studio to do some work with Dreamside. But I won’t give away any surprises there, yet. We headed back to the club, played the show, and our friends Ronny and Mojca from Clan of Xymox dropped by. Which was really cool…I have not seen them in a year or so. The remix that Ronny did for Fortress is really excellent, and it was nice to be able to thank him personally. From Roderdam we headed to Zillo where we played a very nice billed slot on Sunday. The rains came and went several times, but the weather was perfect when CXS played. But I was worried for a while. The festival was held in Loreley- at a Rhein river area outdoor concert ampitheatre that seats 8,000 people or so… The festival featured bands like SKINNY PUPPY, WITHIN TEMPTATION, ALIEN SEX FIEND, BLUTENGEL, D.A.F., DAS ICH, IN EXTREMO, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, SUICIDE COMMANDO, UMBRA ET IMAGO among many others- We played a very successful show, I was very proud of the band- Fortunately we were able to get our camera crew to the show to shoot some video footage.

So now we have a day off. Chris is sick, Rachel is not feeling too well either. I have lost my voice, and we all have plenty of bruises and road wounds. But I think a day or two off will help;-) Finally got a chance to wash out the molten plastic I call hair! Anyway, Next we head to Berlin. And then we have a few more festivals and its off to wild, wild Eastern Europe. I think we will be ok. Just have to stay focused- touring can be really hard when you get rundown

Sales in the itunes store seem to be going well, but it would be great to make our presence felt by the music industry. I wonder- what if we had all of our fans buy a particular song on a particular day- would we chart??? I think anything is possible- but for now i just want to let all our fans know that it is possible to legally download CXS music. Please check out the store-

Much love to all our fans- especially all of those who came to Zillo just to see us.


Just a quick note to all our fans in Germany and the surounding areas. CRUXSHADOWS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE BILL FOR SUNDAY AT THE ZILLO FESTIVAL! We will continue with all our other scheduled shows as part of the Fortress In Flames Tour. Please spread the word so CXS can have a strong showing as it was not announced on any of the official posters etc. Not sure if it has been announced yet on the Zillo web site, but that is the latest and best news we have received- unfortunately the festival is only a week away so we must get the news out!

We just played our show in Stockholm last night. Thanks to the promoters and fans throughout Scandanavia. We were overwhelmed by all of the enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

And don’t forget to check out Cruxshadows in the itunes store- (

I will let everyone know more about the Zillo Fest as the information becomes available. Until then.



Hello everyone-

Great News! The Cruxshadows music is now available in the itunes store! What does this mean? It means that users of itunes software ( for both PC and Mac can now download CXS songs for only 99 cents each. Itunes is available in the US, Germany, UK, & France. The software is free. It gives people who want to download music an inexpensive and legal way to get our songs over the internet. It also allows people to preview the songs before buying, so you can be sure of which song you are getting. We think this is the future… check it out and let us know what you think…

On another note- we are doing well, but it is getting hard on the road. Tonight we had a day off and spent most of it driving through Denmark and Sweden- but while we were in Norway on route to our next show (Christiansand), we paid a visit to Stefan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, and his beautiful wife Tiffany. We had a great time, and the hospitality they showed us was really fantastic.

and speaking of hospitality-

Earlier this week we celebrated my birthday (the 4th) in Paris. The promoters from the show held a small party for me, and we took a tour of the city. I just wanted to say a special thanks, because so often my birthday goes by more or less unnoticed (as we are usually on tour).

anyway- need to get some sleep now- but I will write again when i can get an internet connection!

all the best- much love-