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Too much touring , I think.

Its gotten hard going from one show to the next. Might be why most of us are sick. Already we had a trip to the emergency room… and one to a walk-in-clinic. Might be that Europe has spoiled us, but things just seem much harder this time in the US. Maybe its all the shows being so tightly together, almost every night.

We played Dragon-con. It went really well. Thank you to all the people who volunteered to hand out fliers, the t-shirts should be in the mail;-) The fans at D*con were fantastic, and the staff and crew were really great. We had a great line-up the night we played- Faith & the Muse played first, followed by Voltaire, and then we went on. Ended up being about 3 hours late that we went on, but the crowd was still large, and really responsive. I love Dragoncon…. I have more fun playing that show, then just about any other show in America.

Already we have been through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, & Ontario. So the East Coast is mostly finished up. It was a difficult leg of the tour, but hopefully things should ease up a bit.

We did have a short break yesterday, and we went and visited Niagara Falls. We took a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist, which brought us down into the horseshoe. We also went to the Cave of the Winds, which was not actually a cave- but rather an attraction where they let you stand in front of the falls on little planks as the waterfall pelts you with gallons of water. I don’t know what was better- seeing everyone soaked, or seeing everyone in man-sandles (mandatory footwear).

Apparently, this month we were featured in all three of the big German mags- Orkus, Sonic Seducer, & Zillo. Cool.

And don’t forget that much of the CXS catalog is available in the Itunes music store.

I also wanted to mention how well the new dancer, Sarah is working out. She has been fantastic so far.

I hope to have another report for you soon. Between being sick and keeping up our show schedule it has been hard lately.

But hopefully we will see you all at a show in a nearby area:-)

take care-



It is the middle of the night and I have so much work to do. Tomorrow we leave for Dragoncon. This is always an important show for us, and i am hoping that things will come together because we have suffered a few setbacks. Holly, one of our dancers, and Dave, our merchandise guy, will not be continuing on with us on the American tour. They both have their reasons, but it has left us in a bit of a spot. We were fortunate enough to find a dancer to replace Holly… Her name is Sarah- and you can read about her on her bio page (just go to the biography page in the nav bar). We are actually really delighted with how quickly she has picked up on the choreography, but the truth is there is very little time. Still I think she will be fine.

We are really looking forward to the show on Sunday- Faith and the Muse will join us in the Centinial Hall of the Hyatt Regency (in Atlanta GA). I think the show will be a good one. Oh bugger- just noticed there’s a typo on our flyers we had printed for Dragoncon and the dates are wrong in regards to the tour listing- oh well, what can you do?

Oh-one other thing… It seems that I will be a panelist for some discussions at the con- so if you are going- be sure to check those out. Could be fun.

well, that’s it for now. Hopefully we see you in Atlanta.

Much love ro you all-