Archive for February, 2005

Hello all.

The web site has been revamped and a whole lot of material/info has been added. The annoying popup musicbox is gone from the front page, and we placed a flash music player there instead. We placed a music flash player on the downloads page (with a few more song clips), as well. We added a poll, and are paying close attention to the results. We added a bio page for Trevor and Cole (yes Cole the light guy has a page of his own). We added a desktop image of george, and an entire new Lyrics section so people can quickly find the lyrics they are looking for. We corrected a number of faulty links, added tidbits of info throughout, updated quicknews and factoids. We officially closed the store, and are looking for a new solution at present, that will be up to date and managable. We put a bunch of new pictures in the gallery section, and updated email contacts for all the band members. So hopefully it will be easier, more efficient, and streamlined.

As most of you know- we will be re-releasing Night Crawls In… Do to some legal issues, we decided to have the cover reworked. Syrena, whom many CXS fans may know from her comic book drawings of The Cruxshadows, came to our rescue and decided to rework the cover for us. Thought you all might be interested to see a copy of the “new” cover for the our first disc:

We have been hard at work on the DVD and new album. Expect the DVD this summer, and the album closer to the end of the year. No date is set for their release just yet, but I’ll let you know when I know.

We should have some tour dates to publish for 2005 in the next few days- so I will make sure those go up soon. In the meantime- We have confirmed for several important shows: Dragoncon(USA), Mera Luna(Deutschland), & Taubertal(Deutschland).

That’s about all the news that fit to print- I need to get back to work. Honestly- touring is often easier than being off tour- less work to complete it seems. Let us know what you all think of the improvements to the website…

much love to you all-