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Hello everyone.

I really am sorry it has taken me SOOOOOO long to post. Things have come very fast, and very furious in the past months. We have been on the road as many of you are aware, and we have been trying to do a shorter US tour. The unforeseen side effect is that we have crammed a lot of shows into two months. It has been a bit taxing, and we have had far less time to do things like post, respond to emails, or just plain relax. So I guess there is a lot to address….

First- I need to announce that happily Shadowbox went to #5 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and #2 on the French Alternative Charts (FAC) this summer. click to see closer view…

And more cool news- we just heard back the results from the voting at Wave Gothik Treffen (The Largest Gothic event in the world) and we came in 5th among 1200 leading goth/industrial/ebm acts for “favorite” band in the genre-

the top 25 looked like this:

1 The Cure
2 Depeche Mode
3 Das Ich
4 Deine Lakaien
5 The Cruxshadows
6 Sisters of Mercy
7 VNV Nation
8 Rammstein
9 Wolfsheim
10 Kraftwerk
11 Nine Inch Nails
12 Project Pitchfork
13 Qntal
14 Diary of Dreams
15 Suicide Commando
16 London After Midnight
17 Dead can Dance
18 Welle Erdball
19 Bauhaus
20 Front 242
21 Hocico
22 Einstürzende Neubauten
23 Skinny Puppy
24 Placebo
25 Feindflug

You can check out the entire results at

We played DragonCon this year, and as always it was a really fantastic event. I sat on a number of discussion panels and had a great time. The show went really well, and the fans were absolutely amazing- Thanks to all of our supporters and all of the “CXS Faeries” who helped to promote the show. Here are most of them:-)

I know a lot of people are planning on attending our show at the Con next year, but be warned that CXS has not been booked for next year as of yet. If you are interested in seeing us at DragonCon next year- please let them know ( ),

So far the US Tour has gone pretty well. Ego Likeness has done a fantastic job, and we have really enjoyed having them on tour with us. They played with us for 2 weeks during our Europe Tour, and we liked them so much that we definitely had to have them in the States.

We finally bought a new van. Just like “Moby” ( who for the record is a 1991 E350 that still runs just fine- but was just not as reliable as she once was)- We got a new V10 Triton E350 and christened her “M2”. This is one thing that has really made touring much easier on us:-) And with a V10 engine…. well lets just say that with 7 liters worth of engine- she is not wanting for power… but gas is expensive!

We have finally started adding more material to the itunes store. So if you have been waiting for stuff- it is either there… or on the way:-) We love the itunes store. its the best legal alternative to file-sharing, and we sincerely appreciate the support. Personally, this whole ipod thing has been very exciting for us… I have listened and enjoyed so much more music since i got mine. Jessica just got a ipod Nano- very cool. In fact the entire band, and most of the crew have ipods- I think it is a must for being on tour.

I have some good news regarding the Atlanta show! It has been moved to Masquerade and is ALL AGES. Far too many of our shows this year have been 21+. We were really happy that enough pressure (both from us and the fans) moved the show to a better venue for our audience. Now, we just need to make sure everybody knows and shows up for the concert.

I have not posted since we played Mera Luna- and it was amazing. One of our favorite shows ever. The crowd was incredible. When i get the chance i will post some video from the show.

so- I am just about out of time- but- i will leave this post…


Live Love Be Believe-
see you at one of the remaining shows:-)

-October 21st……..Dayton, OH…….Fusion Dance Club
-October 22nd….. Detroit, MI………….The Labyrinth
-October 25th……Northampton, MA…Diva’s Nightclub
-October 27th…… Washington, DC……Nation
-October 29th….. New York City, NY……Downtime
-October 30th……Ithaca, NY……. The Haunt
-October 31st……Philadelphia…….. Shampoo Nightclub
-November 1st…….Newport News, VA…… Mitty at The Newport News
-November 2ndd…….Raleigh, NC……..The Brewery
-November 3rd…….Atlanta, GA………The Masquerade
-November 5th…… Jacksonville, FL…Thee Imperial
-November 6th…….Tallahassee, FL….Beta Bar
-November 11th….San Antonio, TX…….. The White Rabbit