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Hello all,

It is just a few short days until DragonCon and we have a lot of things to post about…

As many of you know we are releasing our new single Sophia on the 5th of September. We have created a disc that is a little different than our other Singles… This one is the correct length for a single, with the correct number of bonus tracks (2- Titan & Adrift) and alternative versions of the title track (2, Sophia Radio edit & Club mix). Ordinarily we like to put as much as we can on a disc, but we followed the rules very carefully… Why? Because we have the potential, if all went well, to possibly-maybe have a shot at making the Billboard singles charts. It would be the first time in the history of CXS. We even synchronized our release with DragonCon to maximize our first week of sales and improve our chances. Everything was going really well. Too well. The unthinkable happened. A few days a go, the production plant that produces our CDs for our record label made a huge mistake. They printed the wrong cover for the entire run of Sophia Singles. They arrived at a horrified Dancing Ferret Discs Office and we were promptly notified. So what to do? Is everything lost…???

We could not put out the CD with artwork problems. So the plant was alerted to the situation, and they will be printing as many corrected CDs as they can… and then shipping those to us so that we will hopefully have singles for DragonCon. But a large percentage of the CDs that would go out to stores will, unfortunately be delayed. We have already missed some of the store deadlines to have them on the shelves by street date. The CDs may be late shipping to Europe as well.

So why am i posting all this? Because you can help… You see the number of CD Singles we will get at DragonCon and the number of CDs available through Isotank (pre-order) are roughly equal to what we would need to just break into the singles charts. Now, we were not counting on selling ALL of them, but if we could… it might be possible to make a dent in Billboard after-all. If you are coming to DragonCon, we want to ask you to please buy a copy. If you are not, we have stumbled upon another solution. Some supportive fans of the band are selling our CD singles of Sophia via ebay. What they intend to do is to take orders for the discs from interested fans, and then go to DragonCon, buy the copies and mail them out, possibly even beating the delayed street date! If you would like more information on this, the auction can be reached by clicking here. And it is also still possible to pre-order the disc through Isotank. Help us reach the Billboard charts… It has taken a long time to get to the point where this is really a possibility, and we would hate to lose the opportunity…

We have created a Sophia banner for those of you who would like to help us spread the word. We would really appreciate it if you could place it in your blog, on your web-page, on your myspace page, on your car bumper, on a billboard near your house… You get the idea.

You can copy the html code below and paste it into various places that can use html code (your web-page, MySpace, blog, etc).

And if you have not heard the new single, you can listen to the radio edit of Sophia in it’s entirety, as well as Wake the White Queen (Our track for Neil Gaiman’s CD inspired by the film Mirrormask), both on our Cruxshadow’s official MySpace page.

The time and date of our DragonCon performance is finally set, although it seems to be a bit confusing to some people. We will be playing Saturday night at 1 am (Saturday night should be read as Sunday morning if you are the literal type) following Ego Likeness who will go on at midnight. As this is our only live US show in 2006, we hope that many of you will make it to DragonCon. This will also be the first live show with our new keyboarder- Pyromantic (Jen).

In other news, we are pleased to announce that last week Cruxshadows was featured in an 8 page article and on the cover of Zillo magazine. Thought you all might like to see a cover image (which you can click on to be directed to Zillo’s website with ordering info).

We were also featured on the cover of a Peruvian magazine entitled ESKIZ FRENIA

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that our shows in Peru, Chile, & Argentina have been cancelled. Apparently there were some difficulties related to airline flights. As of this posting, we are still scheduled to play in Brazil, but we will keep you posted if there are any changes. We would like to be clear, we had nothing whatsoever to do with any of these cancellations. It is upsetting to us because a lot of time and energy was put into arranging and planning for these shows. Hopefully there will be some way to reschedule at some point in the future.

I would also like to let everyone know that the new album- DreamCypher – slated for international release in January, is now available for pre-order at Here is the cover image for those of you who are interested:-)

So that’s about it for now. As always- Live Love Be Believe –

Hopefully, I will see you all at DragonCon-