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Christmas is coming…

Hello everyone,

It has been an awful long time since I posted any news. I apologize, but I have been a little… well… preoccupied:-) This is a relatively short post considering all that is going on… but here goes.

The Big Announcement!

As many of you have already been made aware, Jessica and I are having a baby. It is our first child and we are really excited. The most recent sonogram revealed that we will be having a little girl. We have a picture and she looks beautiful:-) We are keeping her name a secret until she is born… in case we change our minds or something:-P


Here's a photo of our little girl

Some Fans are Concerned…

Having a baby will certainly present new challenges for Jess and me, and obviously for the whole Cruxshadows project. But it is not the end of the band… So please don’t worry about that. Cruxshadows is not only my life’s work, it is my livelihood, and it is more important now than ever before that we continue moving forward. I have a baby to support afterall.

Which brings me to the next topic…

The Experiment.

I have spent the last few months in the studio trying to get the foundations for the new album together. Things are not going as smoothly as I would like, and I keep finding myself desperately trying to stay on track. I know that money is very tight for everyone, present party included, but I need to do something to bring in some revenue. So I have an experiment I would like to try…

I know a lot of you love Christmas and the holidays that surround it… I really love it. Halloween to New Years is my favorite time of year. Jessica and I got married on the fifth day of Christmas in ’07, so it is our anniversary as well:-) Anyway, for years I have wanted to record a Christmas song and this year I finally did it. I recorded “O Holy Night” which has always been one of my favorites. I know some of you may not be as fond of it as I, but if you do like the track I am proposing a shareware concept. From now until the 12th day of Christmas (that is about 3 weeks from now) I will put the ‘O Holy Night’ track AND the re-edited version of ‘A Promise Made (Wedding Day)’ in honor of our anniversary, online for download. There is a donate button below with the links to the songs. You can pay “something” for the songs. You don’t have to pay anything… I know that not everyone has spare funds this time of year, but if you can and you like the tracks, we really appreciate it… whatever you think its worth. If not, consider it a Christmas present from the band:-) After the 12th day of Christmas the songs will be removed from the website. We are submitting them to iTunes currently, so they can be purchased there if you miss things, although I am not sure if it will be in the iTunes store in time for Christmas. If the songs seem to do well offering them as shareware, then we will see about doing more direct offerings in the future. If not, we will chalk it up to experience. Feel free to send us your feedback and let us know what you think about the whole thing… Oh, one more thing. Because so many people have asked: If you wish to use “A Promise Made (Wedding Day)” in your own wedding, there is no problem with that… none… We would be honored


Here are the links. You will need to right click (PC) or Control+click (Mac) on the song title below to download that file.

O Holy Night (MP3)
O Holy Night (AAC)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (MP3)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (AAC)

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Speaking of iTunes

The Cruxshadows will be releasing more of our back catalogue in iTunes and other digital download sources in the next few weeks. We will keep everyone notified of when the titles actually go back up. We are revueing which titles need remastering at this point…

Thats it for now. I’ll try not to be such a stranger. Remember you can follow me on twitter (thecruxshadows). I’m a lot better about keeping up with that.

Happy Holidays to everyone-

Live Love Be Believe