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Press Release: The Crüxshadows & Dancing Ferret

This joint press release has been issued by The Cruxshadows and Dancing Ferret.

Since Dancing Ferret Discs announced in 2008 that it would no longer be releasing new material, The Cruxshadows have been hard at work on recording new songs and releasing them through their own label, Wishfire Records. A legal dispute between Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows resulted in some older Cruxshadows titles going out of print. We are pleased to jointly announce that the dispute has been resolved, paving the way for Wishfire Records to release these recordings on their own.

Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows helped each other grow considerably during their ten years of collaboration. The past three years have seen the band accomplish great things on their own, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows would like to jointly thank all of the fans who have supported our efforts over the years.

-The Cruxshadows & Dancing Ferret

Hopefully this means good things for the band going forward.  I will have a lot of new and exciting information to post very soon as a result.  Stay tuned True Believers…

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