Well, I guess its about time to make a few announcements. First of all, as some of you are aware, we will be releasing a full-length EP this Summer. The title of the disc is Fortress In Flames, and I believe it is set for a street date of July 6th (July 5th in Europe). It will feature a couple of brand new tracks as well as a slew of remixes of songs from Ethernaut. Its a bit of a tie in disc, and hopefully you will all enjoy it. The cover art, as with Ethernaut, was done by one of my favorite contemporary artist/designers- Chad Michael Ward. We put our heads together and he created an absolutely breathtaking piece. I’m really happy with the new tracks, and there are some excellent remixes as well. We are finalizing the track listing- so I don’t want to speak before things are finished- but there are some impressive new versions of some of Ethernauts more popular songs. I’ll have more on that later- but for now- let me show you the cover…

Still… there’s much more to tell you about. The big question has been- Who’s playing the guitar for CXS now? Well, we found him right here in Tallahassee Florida. As some of you know, we moved across town to a new place. (our studio kept flooding- it IS Florida you know)- Lo and behold we found someone who lives just around the block from our new place… and he has been fantastic. Talented, easy to work with, driven, intellegent, and a really great guy. We hope that CXS fans will welcome him with open arms. Afterall its hard stepping into someone elses shoes. He has put a lot of time and energy into learning all the parts- with the idea of playing them just the way the fans expect to hear them. But theres something very unique about his sound as well… and things seem to only be getting better. A world of possibilities is opening up.

And finally- some news on the dancers. Beth, one of our dancers in the previous years, will not be able to return. She just couldn’t go back out on tour for another 8 months, especially since she is engaged to be married to Gopal Metro of Bella Morte. Touring is really difficult if the person you love is two thousand miles away- and in another country! We were a little bummed- although really happy for her- and we will miss her an awful lot… But we were very fortunate to find Holly McCall of Jacksonville Florida to fill the position. There were a lot of really talented people interested in being a dancer for us, and we had intended to try most of them out. But sometimes you just click with someone… as we did with Holly. so shortly after she showed interest… she had the job. Which is good because there is so much work to do before we leave in May. She has fit in really well, and we are confident she will make a tremendous addition to the CXS stage performance.

We also plan to add something a little new this year. Since stacey’s departure, we were worried about female backing vocals- especially after finding a male guitarist( that would be different eh?). We are doing something I have thought about for a long time. Our dancers will now be providing backing vocals on some of our songs… The rehersals have gone really well, and Jessica and Holly have done a great job recreating the female vocals for the live show.

You can read all about George and Holly on the biography page. Click the navigation bar and select biography- then click their names in the right hand column for their info page.

Well thats it for tonight- so much work to do. Keep checking back- there’s definitely more to come-

much love to you all-


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