And here it is… Christmas again!

It’s Christmas-time again.

(please note: if you are here for the Christmas songs and don’t want to read the update post, there is a link to each song off on the right hand side under Download & Donate as well as at the bottom of this blog entry. Sorry for any confusion)

I know. I have not posted any real news for quite a while. Almost a year. The truth is a lot has happened in my life that has made juggling everything really difficult. The news blog has been one of the many casualties of my inability to manage time effectively.

It has been some kind of a year though…


In 2011 Jessica and I had a baby. Her name is Angelina Miette, but we call her Anmi for short. She is my first and only child, and she is quite possibly the most amazing person on the planet. Ok, I’m perhaps a bit biased, but I really feel that way… and I’m not the only one. She can steal your heart with her smile… its absolutely true. Needless to say, this little blue eyed wonder has occupied a great deal of my time, and it has been difficult to get things done. For those of you who have not seen her, here is a snapshot.

My Girl:-)

How can I not be wrapped around her finger ???:-)

The delivery and the birth were really difficult. Jessica labored for 36 hours unmedicated before being transferred to a hospital for an emergency C-section. Unfortunately, Jessica needed more recovery time than we had planned… It put us behind on our plans for touring and releases etc, but in the end, we know it was all worth it. Who knows, maybe she will take over from her Daddy and keep Cruxshadows alive one day as the new lead singer, or maybe she’ll be a astrophysicist, or a dancer, an artist, or maybe a poet, or perhaps she’ll play football in the NFL, or soccer, or go to the olympics for swimming… Who knows? Or maybe she’ll just be whomever she wants to be. If she’s happy I think its all good by me… Whatever she becomes, I am proud to be her Daddy.

It might be a good time to say how proud I am of Jessica as well. She has become an amazing Mommy. I love both my girls:-)


Its no secret the business of selling music has been terrible. While fewer and fewer people are buying music, Independent bands like CXS have found it harder and harder to get our CDs onto any retail shelf space. A lot of the CD store chains are gone, and the “Mom and Pop”s are getting fewer and fewer in number. Amazon is becoming the last bastion of CD sales it seems…

iTunes and other digital retailers have become the main way to reach fans, and get new people to listen. I think in a lot of ways CDs are becoming a concert or mail order item. If I can find a good fulfillment service we will start selling CDs and merch on the website. More to do there for sure. Everything takes time…

This year our legal issues continued regarding the rights to Cruxshadows music. I try and stay vague here intentionally, but there is so much I would really like to tell the fans. I just can’t do it without jeopardizing elements of our situation. The whole thing is just wrong on so many levels. But honestly… I refuse to be a victim, and it’s like I said in Quicksilver, “the future belongs to the brave.” The current state of things and everything leading up to it has unfortunately eaten up a lot of my time and resources. While I can’t go into details, I think its fair to say these kinds of things have a way of disrupting everything and making the whole business of writing and playing music very difficult. Fortunately our position is a strong one, and I have a great deal of confidence in my lawyer. He teaches entertainment law so he knows what he’s doing. I just wish all the nonsense about the music industry wasn’t true.

One way or another I hope to have a lot of the confusion worked out in 2012, but your continued support is really appreciated. The emails you’ve sent, your tweets, and your words of encouragement are what keeps me going a lot of the time. If I didn’t have the fans to remind me of what the music means to them, I am not sure where I or Cruxshadows would be.


And speaking of the music…

In September we released our latest single Valkyrie, but it had only digital download in itunes and a limited physical access to the market until mid November. In its initial release, it sold enough copies to place it in the top spot on Billboard BUT it was not charted because a clerical mistake somewhere out in the world reclassified our CD as an “album” instead of a “maxi-single.” There is no way to go back and chart it retroactively. It sucks but whats done is done. Sometimes it feels like somebody has it out for us. But I think Valkyrie is still a great track. You can get it in iTunes etc or via, as well as a few other options..

We also re-released a remastered Ethernaut & Wishfire albums. Ethernaut is available now in Amazon and iTunes. Wishfire is available currently in iTunes and very soon on Amazon. Both are now in a great new Digipack with all new artwork.

More good news… The new album is coming in 2012, although its still not yet finished. It is titled “As the Dark Against My Halo” and I think that so far it is looking to be something really special. I will have more on that in a future post…



The point of this news blog entry was Christmas, right??? Well I have a new holiday song for you all!!!.
I love Christmas:-) Jessica and I even got married at Christmas. It really is the best time of the year.

When I announced on twitter that I was going to do a Christmas track again this year a lot of people wanted to know what song. Well I worked on a “Silent Night” rendition that I may finish one day (or not), but I decided halfway in that I would rather do an original Christmas song. Its dedicated to my little girl and its called Anmi’s Christmas (Red, Green, Silver, and Gold). It means a lot to me and I hope that it will come to mean something for you too… As before its offered as free/donationware. You can have it and download it for free. No strings. If you like it, I would really appreciate it if you could make a donation… Whatever its worth to you. I know that money is tight for everyone. It should only be here for download for a limited time, otherwise you should be a ble to get it in iTunes at some point in the near future. Last years rendition of O Holy Night and A Promise Made (Wedding Day) are available to download here as well if you missed them last year.

I may make some tweaks to it in the future, but I really wanted to get it out to the public before Christmas. I did the mastering myself so I hope it sounds ok.

Here are the links. I have included 2 file types- an mp3 & an AAC. You will need to right click (PC) or Control+click (Mac) on the song title below to download that file. A quick side note: I added new ID3 tags to Anmi’s Christmas on monday the 12th at 4pm, so it might be worth it to download the file again if you got the song file before then:-)

Anmi’s Christmas (Red, Green, Silver, & Gold) (MP3)
Anmi’s Christmas (Red, Green, Silver, & Gold) (AAC)
O Holy Night (MP3)
O Holy Night (AAC)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (MP3)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (AAC)

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Here is a cover I added for the song:-)

Thank you all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, wherever you are. Much happiness to you.
Live Love Be Believe


54 Responses to “And here it is… Christmas again!”

  1. Olivier says:

    Wow, the christmas track is awesome!!! Normally I do not like christmas tracks very much but CXS cristmas tracks are something different (^-^)

  2. ravenslament says:

    loving anmi’s christmas , the production is top notch . thanks for making it downloadable and hope to hear the new album in the new year . seasons greetings and a prosperous new year to all cxs . ravenslament

  3. Christoph says:

    Thank you for this great song.
    I think this will be my favorite christmas song now 🙂
    Greetings from germany and merry christmas to you all.

  4. Christopher Sloan says:

    Hey gang! The new tracks sound fantastic. From what you have shared with us, I can completely agree it has been a good yet hard year. I think most everyone I know is in that same boat, my family included. But it means a great deal to us, to know that you, your family, and the band all continue to push forward. I only wish I knew what we could do to help! Hope all of you have a great Christmas and New Year. Here is to 2012 being the top of a new mountain for you guys!

  5. Kristina says:

    This song is amazing! :] I cannot wait for your new release. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family and all of CXS! <3

  6. Staci (CXS Fairy) says:

    That is a wonderful song. So precious… Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Chirley says:

    Your love for Anmi is so beautiful. :’)
    I hadn’t actually gotten the other two tracks, so I donated for all of them, included a little extra for Christmas. I wish for everything to turn out well for CXS in the coming year.

  8. Rockit says:

    What a nice song… and what a beautiful daughter!!!

  9. Kimberly Melton says:

    The new Christmas song is awesome! Thank you for putting it on here! Merry Christmas to you guys! Oh and my girls wanted me to tell you that you guys rock!

  10. Absinthe says:

    Thank you Rogue and Jessica! Thank you for the song, and for sticking with us through all the difficulties. I know at times it might have been easier to give in, but having listened to you for so long, I can honestly say, the works would be a dinner place without Cruxshadows in it. Thank you, and thank you! Enjoy your little girl! And very Happy Christmas and New Year’s to you all!!

    • Absinthe says:

      Wow! Smart phones are not ‘smart’…. I meant.. The world would be a dimmer place with you… Hope you enjoyed the giggle!!

  11. Ophelia says:

    Wonderful song! the magic of Christmas seen through the eyes of a child is such an amazing thing. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  12. Shadow Amadeus says:

    The new track is amazing. Merry Christmas,I hope things get better for you.

  13. Matt says:

    This is beautiful, wow.

  14. Cole says:

    Merry Christmas! Anmi’s Christmas is great. Saw VNV Nation last week and of course loved the show, but it still left me wanting to see CSX live again.
    Hope everything gets worked out for 2012, good luck Rogue and gang!

  15. Sylphera says:

    Thank you for this news and the amazing new song!!!

    I wish you, your family and the band all the luck in the world, the best christmas and a fantastic New Year!

  16. […] einem turbulenten Jahr für Rogue von den Crüxshadows schreibt er in einem sympathischen und bewegenden Blogeintrag, was ihm in diesem Jahr alles wiederfahren ist. Und seiner Aussage nach wohl das beste ist die […]

  17. Syrena says:

    Hi guys,

    Wow Jessica, you are a real trooper for going through 36 hours of labor without meds! That is incredible. Baby Anmi is beautiful, you must be very proud. There’s nothing like becoming a parent. 🙂

    I understand how it is difficult to be creative when you have a newborn to take care of. I didn’t even get any sleep for the first three months! Totally worth it though.

    I’m always happy to hear new music from you guys. Love the new Christmas song, it’s wonderful and I’m sure your daughter will appreciate it even more when she’s a little older.

    Anyways, got to go see to my own little one. Take care! ~Syrena

  18. Pyromethious says:

    Looks like I’ll be reorganizing my digital music archive for the Cruxshadows like this then for the christmas music.

    Album Title: A Cruxshadows Christmas
    Author: Rogue
    Artist: The Cruxshadows

    Track Listing:
    1) Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
    –> Author(s): John Lennon/Yoko Ono
    2) O Holy Night (Master)
    –> Author: Adolphe Adam
    *Not sure the ‘Master’ is essential in the released file name
    3) A Promise Made
    4) Anmis Christmas (Red, Green, Silver, and Gold)

    Album Art: Currently I’m using the ‘A Promise Made’ picture, but with the latest track I’d almost suggest a Mother/Daughter/Father christmas portrait with some christmasy type CXS’shopping added.

  19. Jenn Kattelman says:

    Thank you so much for the Christmas song! I’ve said it before, but I look forward to Christmas every year because I can play the Cruxshadows’s songs in my toddler classroom — hearing my favorite singer’s voice makes me a much happier teacher in this hectic season!.

    I love how you wrote a song for Anmi. It’s a beautiful song and my kids love it even more than they love “Oh Holy Night.” I love how children know when a song is written with them in mind — they truly understand the love and warmth that goes into it. I love how I can share the inspirational and uplifting feelings I get from this band with my young kids.

    That said, I know that it isn’t your primary demographic, but if you write any more songs for Anmi, let me know — I’ll gladly pay for them, regardless of the quality. This band has done so much for me; I love to share it with the next generation.

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks for being you! Have a wonderful and joyous new year as Anmi grows & experiences more

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas gift!

    My husband and I run the A/V at our church and I’m totally going to sneak O Holy Night into our Christmas Playlist. 🙂

  21. Stephanie says:

    My heart goes out to all of you in CXS. Rogue, you truly are an inspiration to the world, and if much of that world is too blind to see it, well, it’s their loss…and, unfortunately, yours too. I pray you have an AMAZING Christmas with Jessica and Angelina Miette (two beautiful girls to go with your own beauty) – you guys are like angels to me!!! I love you all. Please stay strong for the rest of us!!!

    Love, Stephanie

  22. Jason says:

    Congratulations on the birth of Anmi and Merry Christmas.

    I love the new song and excited to hear an orginal Christmas song (even though Silent Night has always been a favorite).

    Best of luck

  23. Marquise Caetlin says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, and thanks for the news and songs 🙂

    Best wishes,

  24. Genesis says:

    The new tracks are amazing. Your daughter is a beautiful angel, and I wish you, Jessica, and Anmi a wonderful Christmas. I love you and your music so much. <3

  25. Jordana says:

    I mean this in the sweetest way possible, but I really do not like children, they honestly kind of worry me and freak me out. But your little girl is honestly the sweetest and cutest looking child I have seen, and I don’t feel freaked out at all, so I guess you were right about her stealing your heart easily.

    I’m honestly not sure what is going on with the copyright problems. How can there be a problem? This is some of the most original music I have ever heard. Although I only hopped on board around Dreamcypher, I think everyone will agree that this music is original, and entirely yours. I don’t know what it is that is going on, but no one has any right to say your music isn’t yours.

    Thank you for the news update and the Christmas song. I hope you have some merry holidays! You guys deserve it after all the bad luck you’ve had recently.

  26. Jon Long says:


    It’s wonderful to hear what’s been going on in the Cruxshadow’s life recently, as I admit I had been wondering what had happened to one of my favorite bands. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, you’re absolutely right, she does look like the type to easily wrap you around her finger. =)

    Life tends to test us and these past years have been no different, just remember to keep your chin up and keep pushing forward and the rewards will be all the sweeter. Good luck getting everything back on track, and have no fear, your fans will still be here when you do.

    Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!


  27. Annn MacLellan says:


    Thank you for sharing your music with us. I love your new Christmas song, it’s beautful. Wishing you and Jessica and all the Cruxshadows a joyous Christmas amd a prosperous and happy New Year.

  28. Skittle says:

    Love the track! So happy to hear an original Xmas song for once, the same ones that we’ve been hearing for sixty years are starting to get old. 🙂

  29. Tina says:

    Christmas with new Cruxshadows music . . . does it get any better than this? LOVED the new song; in fact it has a little taste of Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music (which I love almost as much as I love you guys). May peace and love surround you and your beautiful family as well as the members of Cruxshadows this holiday season. God bless you all.

  30. […] if you enjoy listening to the track that the band was nice enough to offer up for free stop by and donate something! As much as you can or want, anything is better than nothing. After all, new babies ain’t […]

  31. Tracy says:

    Wonderful song! And thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful daughter! Our son just turned 2. Kids sure do steal you time and your hearts. Its wonderful.
    But I could sure use a night out to see the CRX soon!!!

  32. Wolfgang Fener says:

    Thank you so much for that beautiful Christmas song! It’s truely worth some donation. I hope the fans will send lots of Christmas gifts your way.

    Congratulation to you and Jessica for your courage to bring a child to this world.

    About the music market, it is clearly evolving. I believe donations directly from the fans to the band will eventually replace more and more revenues from sales of CDs.

    I’m almost never buying CDs anymore (bulky, useless and requiring shipping expenses) and I recently found out some Itune songs I paid for are not fully working anymore (some kind of stupid and faulty digital protection hurting even those who paid for the songs I guess)… What can a fan do then to contribute ? Only two options left : Pay for live shows and donate via Paypal directly to the band to pay for “borrowed” MP3s.

    I wish you all the best !

  33. Roy Rutan says:

    Rock On if everyone played Christmas songs like this every year perhaps there would not be the growing hatred for the classics.

  34. Vickie Griffin says:

    Amazing Soñg. Thank you! Congrats on the birth of your daughter! Merry Christmas and Many Blessings To Yoú And Yours!

  35. Pyromethious says:

    I just came back to say I love the album cover Rogue!

  36. Katy says:

    Anmi is beautiful!

  37. Mel says:

    We’re praying for you all, Rogue. Seems like you have been tested and transformed in many ways in 2011, but I believe God hasn’t let go of you and has a big plan for you all. Thanks for sharing your heart and your musical talents with us all these years. Many blessings on you in 2012. 🙂

  38. […] a wonderful example. This Christmas song was written for a beautiful little girl, a story revealed here. I hope you like […]

  39. Thanks for finally writing about > And here it is Christmas again! The Crüxshadows < Liked it!

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