Hello everyone-

Great News! The Cruxshadows music is now available in the itunes store! What does this mean? It means that users of itunes software (http://www.apple.com/itunes/) for both PC and Mac can now download CXS songs for only 99 cents each. Itunes is available in the US, Germany, UK, & France. The software is free. It gives people who want to download music an inexpensive and legal way to get our songs over the internet. It also allows people to preview the songs before buying, so you can be sure of which song you are getting. We think this is the future… check it out and let us know what you think…

On another note- we are doing well, but it is getting hard on the road. Tonight we had a day off and spent most of it driving through Denmark and Sweden- but while we were in Norway on route to our next show (Christiansand), we paid a visit to Stefan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, and his beautiful wife Tiffany. We had a great time, and the hospitality they showed us was really fantastic.

and speaking of hospitality-

Earlier this week we celebrated my birthday (the 4th) in Paris. The promoters from the show held a small party for me, and we took a tour of the city. I just wanted to say a special thanks, because so often my birthday goes by more or less unnoticed (as we are usually on tour).

anyway- need to get some sleep now- but I will write again when i can get an internet connection!

all the best- much love-


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