Just a quick note to all our fans in Germany and the surounding areas. CRUXSHADOWS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE BILL FOR SUNDAY AT THE ZILLO FESTIVAL! We will continue with all our other scheduled shows as part of the Fortress In Flames Tour. Please spread the word so CXS can have a strong showing as it was not announced on any of the official posters etc. Not sure if it has been announced yet on the Zillo web site, but that is the latest and best news we have received- unfortunately the festival is only a week away so we must get the news out!

We just played our show in Stockholm last night. Thanks to the promoters and fans throughout Scandanavia. We were overwhelmed by all of the enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

And don’t forget to check out Cruxshadows in the itunes store- (www.apple.com/itunes).

I will let everyone know more about the Zillo Fest as the information becomes available. Until then.



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