Tonight, I am in London. We stayed an extra day- went to Camden and visited some of the shops on our day off- Cyberdog etc. The shows in the UK have gone surprisingly well. Even the smaller shows were well attended and I think our popularity in England and Scotland has really taken off this year. The UK has been a difficult market for us in the past, but it seems that things are falling into place. So honestly, I would like to say thanks (or cheers as i discovered) to all our British fans.

Last night was our show at slimelight in London. It was sold out, and the place was packed to the hilt with people. Unfortunately it was beyond hot in that room. The stage (which was made of metal) was wet from the sheer humidity and had become slippery! To fix this they put kitty litter on the stage, I guess to give more grip. This turned out to be an awful idea- wet kitty litter is very hard to perform on. The show started, and I can’t put into words how unbearably hot it was- The dancers had to leave the stage about 2/3’s through the show. The rest of us managed to finish the show, and play an encore, but after that I apparently…uh… passed out from the heat, and sean (one of our roadies from Germany) had to carry me backstage. (sigh) I don’t remember much of the last song, but they tell me I finished it… The crowd was really great, and aside from the heat we had a good time. I guess I am a little embarassed about fainting, but I am proud of the fact I managed to get to the end of the show. I just don’t know how all those people were able to bare the heat just to watch us… I think this show ties or supercedes the record for hottest CXS concert of all time. But the management and staff of Slimelight treated us really well. Next time we must pick a cooler month to play.

The sales of Fortress In Flames have been really outstanding, and we thank everyone who has purchased the disc. This week we have been informed that we will be debuting in Top 20 of the German Charts (DAC). Very cool. Now if we could only find a way to chart in the USA!

Another reminder, you can legally download CXS songs in the itunes store! Very cool- for both PC and Mac. Its only $1 per song, and the quality is amazing. Go to for more info.

So now we head into Eastern Europe. Wish us luck, the last excursion into the east for CXS was riddled with problems, but we try to go where the fans are;-) Our show in Bucharest has been cancelled. Instead we will play in Prague the following day- see our tour info page for specifics. The people in Eastern Europe are really great… so we are excited about everything. Afterall, it will be our first time playing in several eastern countries including Romania, Slovenia, and Hungary.

I guess thats it for now, theres probably a bunch that I have forgotten, but its getting late.

much love to you all-


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