Its been a long time since I last posted and updated the news…

Sorry about that. There has just been so much to do that it has become overwhelming. I am beginning to realize that there
may not be enough time to accomplish all that I set out to do in the period between tours. But the good news is- I think that the DVD will be something very special. The live performance looks great, it was filmed by 9 camera operators inside a HUGE airplane hanger at the WGT (Wave Gothik Treffen). The music videos are really entertaining and turned out to be well worth the time and investment involved with filming them. The behind the scenes footage looks really cool too… and I think the exclusive audio tracks are coming along nicely- we have a few surprises… More on that soon.

The bad news is I don’t know if the album will be ready for a Fall (Oct/Nov) release. It might have to be pushed back, although I am not ready to concede that point just yet… it is beginning to look more probable given a number of problems that have crept up and consumed large quantities of our most precious commodity: Time.

This weekend I finally pushed myself too far. I had been working 18 to 20 hour days on Cruxshadows stuff, and I think my body just said “enough.” So now I am sick with flu symptoms, which has not helped my productivity. I spent the last two days sleeping. Jessica has gotten ill as well, but she seems to be recovering faster than me. Rachel & Trevor appear to have the same thing. Wow. How pathetic we are:-)

I placed a link for the iTunes store on the front page of our website, and hopefully people will download the program and think about buying some of our songs… 99¢ a song is pretty good. The program is free and if you have an ipod you already use it. Available for both PC & MAC, iTunes gives you the ability to download songs from the itunes store, rip songs from Cds, make playlists, burn them onto CDs, load up your mp3 player with music, and share your playlist online- among other things. But what is really useful to us is if our fans would publish playlists to the itunes store that include Cruxshadows. Show the world what YOU are listening to, and maybe- just maybe- convince some other people to download CXS. I think the scene might become more open to iTunes since VNV’s new album, Wumpscut, Apop, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & many others are now available- but the scene still needs to support the music:-) – wait -what was i talking about?- oh yeah-

Back to playlists featuring Cruxshadows-
These things really do help to bring attention to the band, AND are kind of fun. If you are interested in publishing a playlist with itunes you can go here for info-
One downside is that we are currently only in the USA version of the iTunes store, so our European fans will be unable to make playlists with us. If we are not in your version of the store, simply dropping an email to your European iTunes Store telling them “WE WANT CRUXSHADOWS” is another way our fans can help.

The tour of Europe is starting to take shape and we should be publishing a more defined and fleshed out selection of shows in the next couple of days. But check out the current selection of shows under the heading TOUR in our NAVIGATOR BAR.

Also- We are now beginning to book the US portion of our tour. Any promoters interested in the show should send an email to ASAP. We will be playing a lot less US shows than in previous years, so interested parties should act now. We WILL do some smaller markets still, but far fewer as we plan to cut back our total number of concerts by any where from 25 to 40%. Our hope is that our fans will travel to regional cities to see us… we hate to do it, But I think its just no longer possible to go everywhere anymore. Especially as we are expanding our markets by countries, and have to tour to support that. We are even looking at a few new continents for late 2005, early 2006. more on that later… Anyway, I digress a bit, sorry.

We leave in a month to begin our tour in Europe, and there is so much to get done by then that it makes my head hurt. So I will get back to work now. But I did want you all to know I have been trying to read and answer as many emails as possible, and all of us here are working hard to make 2005 CXS biggest year yet. Much love to you all.

Live, Love, Be, Believe


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