Hey, Everybody.

Heres what’s going on. First let me apologize for how long its been since I posted. Been crazy busy. And right about now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. We are currently in Scandinavia, Having some vehicle problems. Blown clutch, and its a 2005! Anyway- I suspect we will know soon what will happen with that… so on to the news.

The BIG NEWS of course is that the new Shadowbox DVD/CD is out in Europe and out in the USA in a matter of hours:-)
We have been really happy with the response so far. Sales have been great and we want to thank all our fans who pre-ordered it. So much work went into this thing, and I want to give a great big thank you to Patrick Rodgers and Jochen Schoberth, for helping to make this dvd and cd happen. If you have not heard about the DVD yet, it contains a performance we gave at the WGT in 2004, two featurettes, a handful of music videos, interview, slide show, bonus footage, easter eggs, & an audio CD -with the new single FOREVERLAST, bonus tracks, and remixes from Skinny Puppy, Conjure One, and one of my favorite bands Mesh.
I really want to encourage all of our fans to pick this up. The SHADOWBOX design was done by Melissa Cope, and she did a fantastic job.

speaking of… She also did the layout for NIGHT CRAWLS IN… -which also looks great. And the cover art was drawn by our old friend Syrena (you may remember she did the sketches for the proposed CXS comic-book) NIGHT CRAWLS IN will be available at our European and North American shows. As many of you know, this disc is a bit of an acquired taste- and it took a lot of prodding from fans to release it (direct from us only- sorry), but if you are interested to hear where CXS came from… well here it is- with fully restored audio, CXS’ beginnings from 1992-93. Definitely a collectors item, although its not for everyone…

In Germany we have a new distributor. CXS is being carried by Soul Food/Sony Music. Thats good news as we now move into really good position to get our music to the people. It means that more stores are likely to carry our new releases…

I do want to say sorry to all those who have written us but not received a response. On the road it is nearly impossible to get back to all the emails. And likewise I would like to apologize to all the fans who were turned away, after buying tickets for the Stockholm show, for being too young. I hate the age discrimination. Not to mention the fact that the show was advertised as being all ages.

So hopefully we will see everyone at one of our upcoming club shows- or perhaps Mera Luna, Taubertal, or DragonCon!
We love you all.

Live Love Be Believe


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