Hello everyone,

We are still in the studio working on the new album. Things are moving at a nice pace now and I feel like we are getting a lot accomplished. I think this album may turn out really, really good. And I have to admit I am a little excited about it. However the stress of upcoming tourdates is starting to collide with some tight time constraints. Our deadlines are getting closer and its beginning to take its toll.

We are still looking to find the right person to play keyboards on the next world tour. If you think you might be what we are looking for, or if you don’t but you still wanna be considered… send us a recent pic and a brief outline of your musical background, stage experience etc. Guys & Girls are equally welcome to contact us. You never know what might happen. But keep in mind, we live in Tallahassee FL, and we need someone who is hard working, drug free, a team player, and is serious about doing it. So email us!

Our tour plans for 2006 will take us to South America & Europe. We hope to secure Australia and some Asian shows in 2006 as well. If you live Downunder or in Japan and you feel like you might be able to help bring things together, please feel free to get in touch with us. We could use some more contacts in these regions.

Then 2007 will likely see a nice North American tour & a few festivals in Europe. Then it might be a good time to take a little break:-) We will start thinking about who to get as an opener in the US soon. Again, our email.

We have also been trying for something with the USO. If any of you feel you can help us with that… We would be very interested in doing a tour… Email us if you are connected.

enough business-like stuff…

I do have some fun news too. We now have our first podcast up. The first one is designed to be informative to a wide audience, including those people who still have no idea who we are… but it also has a sneak peek at our new track for the Neil Gaiman disk, and some other info that a lot of people have been writing us in regards to. The podcast is enhanced so it works really well in itunes, on video ipods, or on our webpage (Quicktime). let us know what you think.

And if you are thinking “What Neil Gaiman disk???”, then read about it here

We have been revamping our myspace a little, and i think the new look is cool. We have been really happy with the fan response- within a month and a half we have been found by over 2000 friends on myspace. We now have a banner on the downloads page of the website that can be used to link to either cruxshadows.com or our myspace page. If you have a myspace page, and you are a fan, please mention us. every little bit helps;-) Here is our Myspace

More good news. Cruxshadows is now in almost all of the itunes stores worldwide. And we are hopefull that our podcast may soon be picked up by the itunes music stores podcast page.

Also, while I am thinking about it… We have gotten a ton of fan mail lately from all over the world. We really do TRY to answer as much as we can. But please keep in mind, that time is becoming so crucial to us right now, and we are a bit behind in terms of answering email or myspace mail. Don’t be offended if we are unable to reply. But if you have a burning question that you just have to ask, maybe we can answer it on our next podcast:-) (put”podcast question” in the subject line)
So send your podcast questions here

So thats enough for now. I will post again in a few days. A lot of things are going on… and I have more news, but its better to spread it out, I think. So I am back into the studio now… I will be back to blog the news and cast the pods again soon:-)

Live Love Be Believe

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