OK. So I have not yet had the opportunity to make the post that I really want to make… I am sick, on tour, and without any sleep tonight, so that News will unfortunately have to wait… But I really need to get the word out that it is true and we are confirmed to play the Midnight Sunday night slot at the WGT (Wave- Gothik- Treffen). We will go on after The 69 Eyes and will be driving (yes driving!) 21 hours directly from the Existence Festival in Spain in our little tour bus (sigh). There were no flights available that fit our requirements, so…

if you were on the fence about whether or not to go to the WGT this year, perhaps you will now come see us in the Agra Hall on Sunday night. Tickets are still available! Oh, and spread the word:-p

A quick note of thanks to Jordi & Julia, Benny & Silke, & Carsten for the special help on the tour thus far… and we look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming Gorlitz, Berlin, Paris, Existence Festival, anf WGT shows. Live Love Be Believe- Rogue

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