Hello everyone-

I Have a couple of really important things to say today.

Firstly, We are currently on our way to Dragoncon (I am writing this from the van on a borrowed wireless card) and this is a really important event for us this year for several reasons. After 17 years of being released through independent record labels belonging to others, we have finally reached a point in our career where it is possible for us to break out of the mold and do things ourselves. To that end, we decided earlier this year to start our own label, Wishfire Records.

Our very first release will be the Quicksilver single. A lot is depending on how well the 5 track CD does, and we need to encourage all of our fans to go to their local record store and buy the CD. Hot Topic, Best Buy, Sam Goody, or Amazon.com are all sources for CXS that report their sales. Even iTunes counts if you download the complete disc. Please… Order it early if you have to. We want to cluster the sales right when it comes out to make the biggest impact. We will have them at Dragoncon, but the actual street date is September 8th. I know the economy is bad. But I also believe in this music, and I think that if you like what we have done in the past, then the new single will not disappoint.

We are hoping that if we can get enough groundswell online and through the fans at Dragoncon, we will have a shot at placing in the billboard charts again. Although we have done it before, doing it on our own would really help our reputation both as a band and now as our own label. The CD is well distributed, particularly in the USA. We simply need to get people to go out and buy it. Please pass it on. Let people know. Spread the word. We need your help:-)

And Secondly… We will have a new face dancing opposite Jessica… starting with Dragoncon.

As many of you are aware, Sarah Stewart resigned from Cruxshadows a little over a month ago. Our good friend Nichole Tadlock stepped in and learned the choreography very quickly, before jumping into an international tour with barely three days notice. While Nichole did an absolutely amazing job on our recent European Tour, she intended only to be in this position for a short time. We knew that she was only temporary and that we needed to find a more permanent solution. We thought, when could be better to announce such a thing than the week of D-Con? SO…. We are pleased to announce that Holly Hasty has now joined CXS and will be performing with us for the very first time at DragonCon. We are thrilled to have her onboard. Holly is a professional dancer from the Tampa/St Pete area, and she has clicked with all of us very nicely. We hope that our friends and fans will give her a warm welcome at the convention. Here are some pictures-

Once again. I would like to thank Nichole Tadlock who really kept us on par and moving forward during our most recent tour. You are a lifesaver Nichole… and we love you:-)

Anyway, I need to get going. We have all been without sleep for a while and have some long days ahead of us…

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Convention.
Live Love Be Believe


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