So there is a lot going on…But most of it is mundane or behind the scenes kind of stuff. Today we do a photo shoot. We’ve been spending a lot of time doing the songs we play in concert, but there is a lot of work to be done on some new songs, and little time to complete it. Its really hard shifting between gears… And this new guitarist thing can be quite stressful for everyone. In addition, neither Beth A. or Rachel U. will be coming on tour this year to dance. That left us with another opening to fill. I’m happy to say that we have recently found a dancer who looks like she will work quite well with the band. She has already begun rehearsals, and things are falling into place. We have found our merchandise person, and fortunately our tech person Cole, is confirmed as returning. All the pieces are in place it seems, we just have to work now on getting everything together. I’d be more worried, but it really is like this every year;-)

Thanks to everyone for your support. We have received SO many emails, that it has actually been a bit overwhelming. With much love-


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