Just a quick follow-up. A lot of you have been asking about it, and If you are still hoping to find a copy of Sophia, it is now available for download in the iTunes store:-)

Hello everyone…

I am guessing most of you have heard the good news… but if you have not, let me be the one to tell you. The impossible has happened. The Billboard Charts are out and in the Sales Rankings, Cruxshadows landed a top 10 song on the Billboard Singles Chart. In fact we debuted at #7. That was enough to get my heart racing, but there was more. Soon afterward I learned that based on our sales we have the number one Dance Single in the United States of America! Number 1. We get a number 1 finally and believe it or not its in Billboard!!!!!! We bumped the entire chart down with a debut at the top spot. Holy… wow.

see the Cruxshadows on the billboard charts

Ok, ok… I know we can’t sustain it. I know that we are an independent and that pushing Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, & Madonna down one spot is not something we can do week after week… But it feels so nice to be standing at the top. And I think it feels particularly nice because I know that the reality is this is something that our fans have done, and we are not standing at the top alone, but rather with all of you. Despite our CDs being screwed up at the plant, despite all the headaches and difficulty that seemed to be cursing us, all of you are the x-factor. You are the one thing that could not be fumbled, taken away, or dismissed. I made an appeal to everyone at our Dragoncon concert to buy our CD… Soon afterward all of the Sophias were gone. That was amazing. Thank you.

To all the DragonCon CXS fairies who tirelessly handed out flyers, to all the fans that bought “gift copies” and waited in line, to all of you who ordered the CD without even hearing the song… Well to all of you, our charting is your charting. Together we made something happen, and while the industry will return soon to its typical state, all of us working together did something incredible. We shook the tree. David brought down Goliath, even if it is only for a short time.

It also means so much that Sophia was the song at the center of all this. It is a positive song, one that for me embodies the heroic side of humanity… and a connection to the divine. It is a song that points a finger and says- “you, yeah you… you are the one that must do what needs to be done”. It is a song about finding yourself inside and defining yourself to the world. I am sure that there will be those who say that somehow this success we have won means that we have sold out, or lost sight of some earlier incarnation of ourselves… But the truth is that we have continued to make music about the things that matter, we have done it with our own unique sound, we have made our own management decisions, we have stayed with the smaller label we basically started with, and we have produced our new album without any so called “experts”… we did not want any interference in the artistic process. We have stayed true to the artistic vision that was at the heart of CXS. And now we have something, that nobody can take away. Together we have made a mark upon society and even if they do not listen, they will know there is something they did not hear…

A long time ago I heard that Socrates is credited with the statement- “If you change the music of a people, you change a people” I believe this. I have seen the strength in music and art.

If you do not have Sophia and were thinking of picking it up, please do. There may be enough interest in the second week to retain some momentum in the charts. I expect the single will show up in iTunes very soon, and I know that the European release date is coming up quickly as well. Hopefully the Europeans will enjoy it as well. I guess we will find out soon because we will begin our world tour in Europe in mid- October and carry through until December. Through summer of 2007 we will visit even more countries around the world, and we will return to the US to support the new album DreamCypher.

I regret to inform the fans in South America that due to difficulties with Visas and paperwork we were forced to cancel our tour there in 2006. We are still interested in coming, but we will have to see how our other touring plans pan out. But I would like to issue an apology to all of you who have waited so long for us to come. I am very sorry that these shows did not work out this year. We will do our best to come at some other point.

And I want to mention that I am also very excited about DreamCypher. I can hardly wait till January:-) But today, this week, the attention belongs to Sophia. Peace is born to your Victory.

My best to all of you-

Live Love Be Believe-

Rogue of CXS

Hello all,

It is just a few short days until DragonCon and we have a lot of things to post about…

As many of you know we are releasing our new single Sophia on the 5th of September. We have created a disc that is a little different than our other Singles… This one is the correct length for a single, with the correct number of bonus tracks (2- Titan & Adrift) and alternative versions of the title track (2, Sophia Radio edit & Club mix). Ordinarily we like to put as much as we can on a disc, but we followed the rules very carefully… Why? Because we have the potential, if all went well, to possibly-maybe have a shot at making the Billboard singles charts. It would be the first time in the history of CXS. We even synchronized our release with DragonCon to maximize our first week of sales and improve our chances. Everything was going really well. Too well. The unthinkable happened. A few days a go, the production plant that produces our CDs for our record label made a huge mistake. They printed the wrong cover for the entire run of Sophia Singles. They arrived at a horrified Dancing Ferret Discs Office and we were promptly notified. So what to do? Is everything lost…???

We could not put out the CD with artwork problems. So the plant was alerted to the situation, and they will be printing as many corrected CDs as they can… and then shipping those to us so that we will hopefully have singles for DragonCon. But a large percentage of the CDs that would go out to stores will, unfortunately be delayed. We have already missed some of the store deadlines to have them on the shelves by street date. The CDs may be late shipping to Europe as well.

So why am i posting all this? Because you can help… You see the number of CD Singles we will get at DragonCon and the number of CDs available through Isotank (pre-order) are roughly equal to what we would need to just break into the singles charts. Now, we were not counting on selling ALL of them, but if we could… it might be possible to make a dent in Billboard after-all. If you are coming to DragonCon, we want to ask you to please buy a copy. If you are not, we have stumbled upon another solution. Some supportive fans of the band are selling our CD singles of Sophia via ebay. What they intend to do is to take orders for the discs from interested fans, and then go to DragonCon, buy the copies and mail them out, possibly even beating the delayed street date! If you would like more information on this, the auction can be reached by clicking here. And it is also still possible to pre-order the disc through Isotank. Help us reach the Billboard charts… It has taken a long time to get to the point where this is really a possibility, and we would hate to lose the opportunity…

We have created a Sophia banner for those of you who would like to help us spread the word. We would really appreciate it if you could place it in your blog, on your web-page, on your myspace page, on your car bumper, on a billboard near your house… You get the idea.

You can copy the html code below and paste it into various places that can use html code (your web-page, MySpace, blog, etc).

And if you have not heard the new single, you can listen to the radio edit of Sophia in it’s entirety, as well as Wake the White Queen (Our track for Neil Gaiman’s CD inspired by the film Mirrormask), both on our Cruxshadow’s official MySpace page.

The time and date of our DragonCon performance is finally set, although it seems to be a bit confusing to some people. We will be playing Saturday night at 1 am (Saturday night should be read as Sunday morning if you are the literal type) following Ego Likeness who will go on at midnight. As this is our only live US show in 2006, we hope that many of you will make it to DragonCon. This will also be the first live show with our new keyboarder- Pyromantic (Jen).

In other news, we are pleased to announce that last week Cruxshadows was featured in an 8 page article and on the cover of Zillo magazine. Thought you all might like to see a cover image (which you can click on to be directed to Zillo’s website with ordering info).

We were also featured on the cover of a Peruvian magazine entitled ESKIZ FRENIA

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that our shows in Peru, Chile, & Argentina have been cancelled. Apparently there were some difficulties related to airline flights. As of this posting, we are still scheduled to play in Brazil, but we will keep you posted if there are any changes. We would like to be clear, we had nothing whatsoever to do with any of these cancellations. It is upsetting to us because a lot of time and energy was put into arranging and planning for these shows. Hopefully there will be some way to reschedule at some point in the future.

I would also like to let everyone know that the new album- DreamCypher – slated for international release in January, is now available for pre-order at Isotank.com. Here is the cover image for those of you who are interested:-)

So that’s about it for now. As always- Live Love Be Believe –

Hopefully, I will see you all at DragonCon-


Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I posted. Yeah, I know… I always say that. May 3rd to July 18th is a little extreme. But I have a good excuse. Really. I have been hard at work on our new album, and I am happy to report that it has a name. But, I will get to that a little later- I have a few more important announcements to make first…

So. I want to say thank you to all the people who wrote us asking about playing keyboards for Cruxshadows. Since my last post we tried out several keyboard players & I am happy to say that we found someone who we think will do really well for us. She has been doing an amazing job so far, and I believe she will make a very positive addition to our live show. Her name is Jen Jawidzik, but some of you may know her as Pyromantic, as she has been part of the extended CXS family for some time now. In the past few years, she has actively worked in the promotion of the band, and was instrumental in getting the myspace up and running. Did we mention she is a really talented keyboard player? Well she is, and her dedication to all things Cruxshadows have already made her an asset to our lineup. It was really important to us to find someone who understood what CXS was all about… I think Jen is just what we were looking for. Please feel free to drop her a line at jen@cruxshadows.com and welcome her aboard:-) you can read her bio page by clicking here.

Today the Neil Gaiman- Where’s Neil when you need him? CD was released. The disc features liner notes by Neil Gaiman and artwork by Dave McKean, and includes songs influenced by Neil’s many works… by the likes of Rasputina, ThouShaltNot, Tapping the Vein, Lunascape, Deine Lakaien, Thea Gilmore, Rose Berlin, Schandmaul, Hungry Lucy, Voltaire (& the Oddz), Future Bible Heroes, Razed in Black, Ego likeness, Azam Ah, Joachim Witt, Tori Amos, & yours truly- The Cruxshadows. Our Track is called Wake the White Queen and we really enjoyed being a part of this project. This is a very special disc and it should be available in stores- TODAY!!!! nuff said;-)

I am happy to announce that we will be rereleasing The Mystery of The Whisper in a deluxe edition. It has been out of print for over two years, and we thought it was about time to put it back out on the market. The disk features all new artwork and was remastered in Germany by Jochen Schoberth. As if that wasn’t enough, It will contain a second disc- a newly remastered Until the Voices Fade as part of the package. The Deluxe Edition will be on sale September 5th, but for those of you heading to DragonCon- If all goes well- it should be available for sale there, a few days before street date…

But there is more. We will also be releasing our new single Sophia at the same time. Sophia is the first song from our upcoming album. The single features 3 versions of Sophia, and 2 new B sides and should be priced at $5.99. It is incredibly important to the success of our upcoming album and so we really need all of our fans to consider buying this disc during in its first week from a sound scanning point. We are hoping to chart in the United States (as well as Europe) with the release of this CD. Doing so could really open up a lot of possibilities for our new album. You can preorder the single at isotank.com (yes- finally it is a soundscanning point!) and we will soundscan at Dragoncon as well. Other soundscanning points are usually chain stores- or stores that actually “scan” the upc code at checkout. In the US, this is where they get sales figures from. We hope we can count on our fans to help us out. Buy one for a friend as well in the first week, and we will love you forever;-)

The tourdates for South America have been moved. With all of the releases we have planned, we needed to move the South American Tour to the period following DragonCon. This will hopefully give us enough time to complete work on the new album. The new dates are as follows:

16.09.2006 BRA-São Paulo (SP), Odyssey Club
20.09.2006 AR-Buenos Aires, El Condado
22.09.2006 RCH-Santiago de Chile, Blondie Club
23.09.2006 PE-Lima, Noctulus

And speaking of tour-dates. Many of you have asked about tourdates in the United States. In 2006 we will be playing an exclusive North American show at DragonCon. It looks like this show will be the first one that Jen will play with us, and we will be introducing the new single as well as the Mystery Deluxe Edition… So aside from being one of the most unique & entertaining events you will ever attend, it should be exciting for a lot of Cruxshadows related reasons as well:-)

AND finally, as promised… The new album has a name and a tenative release date.
The week of Jan 19, 2007, The Crüxshadows will release DreamCypher, our first full length original album since Ethernaut (2003). I have to be honest… I’m excited.

So I guess thats enough news for now… there is more to come soon. Really. Well, more should be coming soon… if I can just keep up with things…

My best to you all-

Live Love Be Believe

PS- To all those who sent me happy birthday messages, I really appreciated it. You are fantastic people… thank you.

Hello everyone,

We are still in the studio working on the new album. Things are moving at a nice pace now and I feel like we are getting a lot accomplished. I think this album may turn out really, really good. And I have to admit I am a little excited about it. However the stress of upcoming tourdates is starting to collide with some tight time constraints. Our deadlines are getting closer and its beginning to take its toll.

We are still looking to find the right person to play keyboards on the next world tour. If you think you might be what we are looking for, or if you don’t but you still wanna be considered… send us a recent pic and a brief outline of your musical background, stage experience etc. Guys & Girls are equally welcome to contact us. You never know what might happen. But keep in mind, we live in Tallahassee FL, and we need someone who is hard working, drug free, a team player, and is serious about doing it. So email us!

Our tour plans for 2006 will take us to South America & Europe. We hope to secure Australia and some Asian shows in 2006 as well. If you live Downunder or in Japan and you feel like you might be able to help bring things together, please feel free to get in touch with us. We could use some more contacts in these regions.

Then 2007 will likely see a nice North American tour & a few festivals in Europe. Then it might be a good time to take a little break:-) We will start thinking about who to get as an opener in the US soon. Again, our email.

We have also been trying for something with the USO. If any of you feel you can help us with that… We would be very interested in doing a tour… Email us if you are connected.

enough business-like stuff…

I do have some fun news too. We now have our first podcast up. The first one is designed to be informative to a wide audience, including those people who still have no idea who we are… but it also has a sneak peek at our new track for the Neil Gaiman disk, and some other info that a lot of people have been writing us in regards to. The podcast is enhanced so it works really well in itunes, on video ipods, or on our webpage (Quicktime). let us know what you think.

And if you are thinking “What Neil Gaiman disk???”, then read about it here

We have been revamping our myspace a little, and i think the new look is cool. We have been really happy with the fan response- within a month and a half we have been found by over 2000 friends on myspace. We now have a banner on the downloads page of the website that can be used to link to either cruxshadows.com or our myspace page. If you have a myspace page, and you are a fan, please mention us. every little bit helps;-) Here is our Myspace

More good news. Cruxshadows is now in almost all of the itunes stores worldwide. And we are hopefull that our podcast may soon be picked up by the itunes music stores podcast page.

Also, while I am thinking about it… We have gotten a ton of fan mail lately from all over the world. We really do TRY to answer as much as we can. But please keep in mind, that time is becoming so crucial to us right now, and we are a bit behind in terms of answering email or myspace mail. Don’t be offended if we are unable to reply. But if you have a burning question that you just have to ask, maybe we can answer it on our next podcast:-) (put”podcast question” in the subject line)
So send your podcast questions here

So thats enough for now. I will post again in a few days. A lot of things are going on… and I have more news, but its better to spread it out, I think. So I am back into the studio now… I will be back to blog the news and cast the pods again soon:-)

Live Love Be Believe

OK. So a lot has been going on. I know I have not posted in a while, but things have been more hectic than I expected. I do have a little news however…

You all might notice the new website, which we are very proud of… Its not the most spectacular thing out there but I think it will do nicely. And I feel like it has a nice balance to it. Still a few pages, namely the gallery, downloads, and the store, need to be straightened out- rest assured we will get to thoses as soon as possible. But for now, most of the important elements of the site are up and running.

We also now have an official presence at myspace.com. I never thought the day would come, but it has, and we are happy to announce that you can become a “friend” of CXS at www.myspace.com/officialcruxshadows . We are not sure of exactly what you do with a myspace page, but we are ready to learn. If you have any suggestions…

We are of course working on our new album. Things are moving slow at present, but hopefully we will pick up some steam in the next few weeks:-)

I am also happy to tell you that I have received word from Dragoncon and we have been invited back this year. We look forward to seeing all of our DC fans again in 2006. We would also like to encourage all of our other fans to consider attending Dragoncon and show your support for the band. Aside from being one of the most enjoyable events we have played, Dragoncon is a great opportunity to meet many CXS fans, as well as hang out with the band. For those of you who do not know, the band members often staff the table ’round the clock… It gives us the opportunity to meet many of you, and have a little one on one interaction. I am slated to be on a couple of panels to, which is always interesting. So come this year, we want to see all of you:-)

We will be traveling to South America this year. We will have more info on that soon. Stay posted to the tour dates page.

Well, I suppose that is enough for now. Must get back to the studio now. We will be looking for your “add requests” at myspace… In the meantime- Live, Love, Be, Believe-


Fortress In Flames is now available in the Itunes Store.

Just a quick announcement!!!

Songs from the Shadowbox DVD/CD are now available in Itunes.
We have been working on this one for a while. Really good news.
So what are you waiting for? Go and fill your ipods 🙂

Friday night (nov 11) we play in San Antonio TX at the The White Rabbit. It will be our last show for quite a while (at least until mid – late 2006) and the end of our tour with Ego Likeness. They are a great band. I don’t want to end our tour with them:-(
They are one of the few bands that i feel really comfortable with. Great music, and great people… Gonna miss you Steve, Donna, & Dingo…

Anyway- I hope to see many of you at the White Rabbit… and download the new material from itunes…and thats it for now.
(Almost done touring this year- started the tour in MAY! a couple more days- then i will sleep for 3 weeks)


Hello everyone.

I really am sorry it has taken me SOOOOOO long to post. Things have come very fast, and very furious in the past months. We have been on the road as many of you are aware, and we have been trying to do a shorter US tour. The unforeseen side effect is that we have crammed a lot of shows into two months. It has been a bit taxing, and we have had far less time to do things like post, respond to emails, or just plain relax. So I guess there is a lot to address….

First- I need to announce that happily Shadowbox went to #5 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and #2 on the French Alternative Charts (FAC) this summer. click to see closer view…

And more cool news- we just heard back the results from the voting at Wave Gothik Treffen (The Largest Gothic event in the world) and we came in 5th among 1200 leading goth/industrial/ebm acts for “favorite” band in the genre-

the top 25 looked like this:

1 The Cure
2 Depeche Mode
3 Das Ich
4 Deine Lakaien
5 The Cruxshadows
6 Sisters of Mercy
7 VNV Nation
8 Rammstein
9 Wolfsheim
10 Kraftwerk
11 Nine Inch Nails
12 Project Pitchfork
13 Qntal
14 Diary of Dreams
15 Suicide Commando
16 London After Midnight
17 Dead can Dance
18 Welle Erdball
19 Bauhaus
20 Front 242
21 Hocico
22 Einstürzende Neubauten
23 Skinny Puppy
24 Placebo
25 Feindflug

You can check out the entire results at http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/results2005.php

We played DragonCon this year, and as always it was a really fantastic event. I sat on a number of discussion panels and had a great time. The show went really well, and the fans were absolutely amazing- Thanks to all of our supporters and all of the “CXS Faeries” who helped to promote the show. Here are most of them:-)

I know a lot of people are planning on attending our show at the Con next year, but be warned that CXS has not been booked for next year as of yet. If you are interested in seeing us at DragonCon next year- please let them know ( dragoncon@dragoncon.org ),

So far the US Tour has gone pretty well. Ego Likeness has done a fantastic job, and we have really enjoyed having them on tour with us. They played with us for 2 weeks during our Europe Tour, and we liked them so much that we definitely had to have them in the States.

We finally bought a new van. Just like “Moby” ( who for the record is a 1991 E350 that still runs just fine- but was just not as reliable as she once was)- We got a new V10 Triton E350 and christened her “M2”. This is one thing that has really made touring much easier on us:-) And with a V10 engine…. well lets just say that with 7 liters worth of engine- she is not wanting for power… but gas is expensive!

We have finally started adding more material to the itunes store. So if you have been waiting for stuff- it is either there… or on the way:-) We love the itunes store. its the best legal alternative to file-sharing, and we sincerely appreciate the support. Personally, this whole ipod thing has been very exciting for us… I have listened and enjoyed so much more music since i got mine. Jessica just got a ipod Nano- very cool. In fact the entire band, and most of the crew have ipods- I think it is a must for being on tour.

I have some good news regarding the Atlanta show! It has been moved to Masquerade and is ALL AGES. Far too many of our shows this year have been 21+. We were really happy that enough pressure (both from us and the fans) moved the show to a better venue for our audience. Now, we just need to make sure everybody knows and shows up for the concert.

I have not posted since we played Mera Luna- and it was amazing. One of our favorite shows ever. The crowd was incredible. When i get the chance i will post some video from the show.

so- I am just about out of time- but- i will leave this post…


Live Love Be Believe-
see you at one of the remaining shows:-)

-October 21st……..Dayton, OH…….Fusion Dance Club
-October 22nd….. Detroit, MI………….The Labyrinth
-October 25th……Northampton, MA…Diva’s Nightclub
-October 27th…… Washington, DC……Nation
-October 29th….. New York City, NY……Downtime
-October 30th……Ithaca, NY……. The Haunt
-October 31st……Philadelphia…….. Shampoo Nightclub
-November 1st…….Newport News, VA…… Mitty at The Newport News
-November 2ndd…….Raleigh, NC……..The Brewery
-November 3rd…….Atlanta, GA………The Masquerade
-November 5th…… Jacksonville, FL…Thee Imperial
-November 6th…….Tallahassee, FL….Beta Bar
-November 11th….San Antonio, TX…….. The White Rabbit

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of quick announcements.

Firstly, we have a few festivals coming up-

On the 23rd of July we play in Paris, France. Its the Château Vaux-le-Penil Festival http://bibliotheque.cenacle.free.fr/images/FlyerDarkOmen.jpg

on the 30th of July we play in Bolkow Poland for the Castleparty Festival 2005, http://www.castleparty.com/

then in Rothenburg, Germany on the 12th of August we will play at Taubertal Festival 2005, http://www.taubertal-openair.de

the following day we will play at the M’era Luna 2005 in Hildesheim, Germany (13th of August 2005),

(more coming)

our other upcoming Europe dates are listed at http://www.cruxshadows.com/toura.html

AND of course for those of you who don’t live in Europe (and some of you who do)- we will be playing at
DragonCon 2005 (Sept 2nd – 5th in Atlanta Georgia)- and no…we do not know what day we are playing yet:-) But we hope to see you there!

Secondly, we need a favor from our German fans-
as many of you know we have entered the DAC this last week. What would really help us is for all of our fans to request our new single ForeverLast. If people dance when they play it- they will continue to play it. So its important not only to request it but to dance as well:-) If enough DJ’s play our song in the club, me may be able to land our single in the number one spot. As many of you know, CXS has had many number 2’s on the DAC – but never a number 1. Maybe if all of our fans help us out, we may be able to sneak into that number one spot. It would be nice.

that’s about it for now- I will post again soon-