We are very sorry to say that the show in Kristiansand, Norway has been cancelled due to the breakdown of our bus here in Sweden. This is only the second show in The Cruxshadows history that we have cancelled. For all of those who were looking forward to the show, please accept our sincerest apologies. We have not been able to find a way to get ourselves, our crew, and our equipment to the show.

We hope to make it back to Norway sometime in the not too distant future. We are really disappointed ourselves with the situation. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Hey, Everybody.

Heres what’s going on. First let me apologize for how long its been since I posted. Been crazy busy. And right about now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. We are currently in Scandinavia, Having some vehicle problems. Blown clutch, and its a 2005! Anyway- I suspect we will know soon what will happen with that… so on to the news.

The BIG NEWS of course is that the new Shadowbox DVD/CD is out in Europe and out in the USA in a matter of hours:-)
We have been really happy with the response so far. Sales have been great and we want to thank all our fans who pre-ordered it. So much work went into this thing, and I want to give a great big thank you to Patrick Rodgers and Jochen Schoberth, for helping to make this dvd and cd happen. If you have not heard about the DVD yet, it contains a performance we gave at the WGT in 2004, two featurettes, a handful of music videos, interview, slide show, bonus footage, easter eggs, & an audio CD -with the new single FOREVERLAST, bonus tracks, and remixes from Skinny Puppy, Conjure One, and one of my favorite bands Mesh.
I really want to encourage all of our fans to pick this up. The SHADOWBOX design was done by Melissa Cope, and she did a fantastic job.

speaking of… She also did the layout for NIGHT CRAWLS IN… -which also looks great. And the cover art was drawn by our old friend Syrena (you may remember she did the sketches for the proposed CXS comic-book) NIGHT CRAWLS IN will be available at our European and North American shows. As many of you know, this disc is a bit of an acquired taste- and it took a lot of prodding from fans to release it (direct from us only- sorry), but if you are interested to hear where CXS came from… well here it is- with fully restored audio, CXS’ beginnings from 1992-93. Definitely a collectors item, although its not for everyone…

In Germany we have a new distributor. CXS is being carried by Soul Food/Sony Music. Thats good news as we now move into really good position to get our music to the people. It means that more stores are likely to carry our new releases…

I do want to say sorry to all those who have written us but not received a response. On the road it is nearly impossible to get back to all the emails. And likewise I would like to apologize to all the fans who were turned away, after buying tickets for the Stockholm show, for being too young. I hate the age discrimination. Not to mention the fact that the show was advertised as being all ages.

So hopefully we will see everyone at one of our upcoming club shows- or perhaps Mera Luna, Taubertal, or DragonCon!
We love you all.

Live Love Be Believe


CURRENTLY ON TOUR in Europe- but a new post is coming soon.

Its been a long time since I last posted and updated the news…

Sorry about that. There has just been so much to do that it has become overwhelming. I am beginning to realize that there
may not be enough time to accomplish all that I set out to do in the period between tours. But the good news is- I think that the DVD will be something very special. The live performance looks great, it was filmed by 9 camera operators inside a HUGE airplane hanger at the WGT (Wave Gothik Treffen). The music videos are really entertaining and turned out to be well worth the time and investment involved with filming them. The behind the scenes footage looks really cool too… and I think the exclusive audio tracks are coming along nicely- we have a few surprises… More on that soon.

The bad news is I don’t know if the album will be ready for a Fall (Oct/Nov) release. It might have to be pushed back, although I am not ready to concede that point just yet… it is beginning to look more probable given a number of problems that have crept up and consumed large quantities of our most precious commodity: Time.

This weekend I finally pushed myself too far. I had been working 18 to 20 hour days on Cruxshadows stuff, and I think my body just said “enough.” So now I am sick with flu symptoms, which has not helped my productivity. I spent the last two days sleeping. Jessica has gotten ill as well, but she seems to be recovering faster than me. Rachel & Trevor appear to have the same thing. Wow. How pathetic we are:-)

I placed a link for the iTunes store on the front page of our website, and hopefully people will download the program and think about buying some of our songs… 99¢ a song is pretty good. The program is free and if you have an ipod you already use it. Available for both PC & MAC, iTunes gives you the ability to download songs from the itunes store, rip songs from Cds, make playlists, burn them onto CDs, load up your mp3 player with music, and share your playlist online- among other things. But what is really useful to us is if our fans would publish playlists to the itunes store that include Cruxshadows. Show the world what YOU are listening to, and maybe- just maybe- convince some other people to download CXS. I think the scene might become more open to iTunes since VNV’s new album, Wumpscut, Apop, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & many others are now available- but the scene still needs to support the music:-) – wait -what was i talking about?- oh yeah-

Back to playlists featuring Cruxshadows-
These things really do help to bring attention to the band, AND are kind of fun. If you are interested in publishing a playlist with itunes you can go here for info- http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/share.html
One downside is that we are currently only in the USA version of the iTunes store, so our European fans will be unable to make playlists with us. If we are not in your version of the store, simply dropping an email to your European iTunes Store telling them “WE WANT CRUXSHADOWS” is another way our fans can help.

The tour of Europe is starting to take shape and we should be publishing a more defined and fleshed out selection of shows in the next couple of days. But check out the current selection of shows under the heading TOUR in our NAVIGATOR BAR.

Also- We are now beginning to book the US portion of our tour. Any promoters interested in the show should send an email to athan@cruxshadows.com ASAP. We will be playing a lot less US shows than in previous years, so interested parties should act now. We WILL do some smaller markets still, but far fewer as we plan to cut back our total number of concerts by any where from 25 to 40%. Our hope is that our fans will travel to regional cities to see us… we hate to do it, But I think its just no longer possible to go everywhere anymore. Especially as we are expanding our markets by countries, and have to tour to support that. We are even looking at a few new continents for late 2005, early 2006. more on that later… Anyway, I digress a bit, sorry.

We leave in a month to begin our tour in Europe, and there is so much to get done by then that it makes my head hurt. So I will get back to work now. But I did want you all to know I have been trying to read and answer as many emails as possible, and all of us here are working hard to make 2005 CXS biggest year yet. Much love to you all.

Live, Love, Be, Believe


Hello all.

The web site has been revamped and a whole lot of material/info has been added. The annoying popup musicbox is gone from the front page, and we placed a flash music player there instead. We placed a music flash player on the downloads page (with a few more song clips), as well. We added a poll, and are paying close attention to the results. We added a bio page for Trevor and Cole (yes Cole the light guy has a page of his own). We added a desktop image of george, and an entire new Lyrics section so people can quickly find the lyrics they are looking for. We corrected a number of faulty links, added tidbits of info throughout, updated quicknews and factoids. We officially closed the store, and are looking for a new solution at present, that will be up to date and managable. We put a bunch of new pictures in the gallery section, and updated email contacts for all the band members. So hopefully it will be easier, more efficient, and streamlined.

As most of you know- we will be re-releasing Night Crawls In… Do to some legal issues, we decided to have the cover reworked. Syrena, whom many CXS fans may know from her comic book drawings of The Cruxshadows, came to our rescue and decided to rework the cover for us. Thought you all might be interested to see a copy of the “new” cover for the our first disc:

We have been hard at work on the DVD and new album. Expect the DVD this summer, and the album closer to the end of the year. No date is set for their release just yet, but I’ll let you know when I know.

We should have some tour dates to publish for 2005 in the next few days- so I will make sure those go up soon. In the meantime- We have confirmed for several important shows: Dragoncon(USA), Mera Luna(Deutschland), & Taubertal(Deutschland).

That’s about all the news that fit to print- I need to get back to work. Honestly- touring is often easier than being off tour- less work to complete it seems. Let us know what you all think of the improvements to the website…

much love to you all-


So now for the moment you have all been waiting for…

Ok, maybe not. But I have some important news.

As most of you are aware, Chris left the band two months ago. Many of you have been wondering what would happen next. As Rachel and I did most of the keyboard playing in the recordings, we struggled with the idea of whether or not to add anyone at all as a replacement. But I am happy to tell you that Trevor Brown, CXS keyboard player from 1997-1999, has decided to fill the keyboarder position during 2005. We are not sure how long beyond that he will remain with us, but we have a great deal of confidence in his abilities and would like to hold onto him as long as possible. In addition to being a great keyboardist, he is one of the most genuine and sincere people i know. And I think that CXS would not have survived that 1997-98 period without him.

Many of you have asked for it. I keep saying “no”. But I have finally capitulated. In a few months we will make available “NIGHT CRAWLS IN…” re-mastered on CD. It was the first commercially available recording that CXS ever made (c.1993). We will not release it to stores. Instead it will be a direct sale item, meaning either for sale at shows or through select online sources. But warning: This recording is recommended for people who are fans of the band and want to explore the history of the band. It was created by a very young CXS, and while it is interesting, it is hardly representative of the Cruxshadows body of work.

The US tour in 2005 will be shorter than in the past. We are tentatively planning a 6 week tour in North America. We are hoping that many of our fans who are used to us coming to their town will be willing to travel regionally to see CXS. It was a hard decision to make, but the toll that 3- 4 months of touring in North America takes was growing too great. Many of our fans have urged us to take more time off, I just hope that they will continue to support us and our concerts. We are hoping the result of this will be bigger, better shows for everyone. We ARE confirmed for Dragoncon 2005, and we hope that many of you will come out and support us there in atlanta for America’s largest, multi-media, popular arts convention—focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film.  

Our European Tour in 2005 will start in May and end in August. We will be heading to even more new countries this year, and playing a number of festivals… More news on that in my next few posts.

Currently we are hard at work on the next CD and our first DVD. No release dates yet, but take it from me that some exciting new things are in the works.

On a sad note:

I received an email from a girl in Israel recently. Apparently there was a CXS tribute band there, until two of its members were killed in a terrorist attack. We hear about things on the news, and they seem meaningless, distant, & unreal. For some reason this is real to me. it is terrible, horrific, and it hurts. i have always wanted to change the world with my music, and to give hope to people through lyrics and melodies… I guess it is painful to know that someone whose life was touched by you, in whatever way, fell victim to such stupid and narrow-minded extremism. I guess if their deaths lead to awareness that saves even a single life, then even a seemingly meaningless death is not without positive impact. May it be so. My prayers will find you present. Never lose hope.

Live, Love, Be, Believe


VERY IMPORTANT! The Show in HOUSTON is CANCELLED. Due to problems beyond our control occuring on the USA/Mexico border (after our show in Monterrey)- CXS will be unable to play in Houston on Sun. Nov.28. Please help us convey this important announcement to anyone who is planning to make the show. We are very sorry, We are very disappointed… thanks.

Just a few short announcements,

I need to let all of our fans know that after careful thought, Chris has decided leave the Crüxshadows. He has been with CXS for a number of years, but felt that the time was right to settle down and focus his time and energy on his family and personal life. The remaining five shows of our tour will be his last with the band, and we encourage all our fans within reasonable driving distance, to show up to our remaining 2004 performances and let him know that he will be missed. We wish him all the best, and much success.


Earlier today we received some good news from our label. CXS can now be found in some Wal-Mart stores. Not ALL Wal-Mart stores mind you, but enough that we now are pretty much the first band from the scene to gain a foothold in the retail giant. We also will be available soon in many Sam Goody stores. CXS CD’s of course are still available from Hot Topic, Virgin Mega-stores, Tower records, Amazon.com, Isotank.com, the itunes store, and many other independent retailers in the US, as well as Media-markt and Saturn stores in Germany.

This weekend we will play for the very first time in the nation of Mexico. To be honest, we are a little nervous as none of us speaks Spanish or has ever been ‘south of the border’. The show is in Monterey, we will let you all know how that goes;-) We would love to see you there.

Echoes and Artifacts is available now through dancing ferret. What this means is this disc will now be more widely available (IE through retail outlets, online stores etc.) If you do not own a copy, it really is a “best of” & “rarities” disc representing the period between 1994 and 2001. Many have asked for it to be available in stores… and now it is.

On a very somber note, one of our fans – Michelle M. – also known as”littleblackbat” online, who was announced missing in December 2001 has recently been identified as a body found in late 2001. Police only now, three years later made the connection between the missing person report and the girl they found. She often sent us emails and was a very big supporter of CXS. It is with great sorrow that we offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to her friends and family. There is nothing that we can say to bring Michelle back, but know that our thoughts and prayers are with her and the loved ones she left behind. May God go with you.


I will post soon what we have in store for 2005, so stay tuned.

live, love, be, believe…


Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted.

The tour has been going really well overall. We moved through the west coast, down across the southwest USA, and headed back to the southeast. Most of the shows have been really well attended, and I just wanted to say thank you for that. We are almost finished… we will play our hometown (O.K., none of us are really from Tallahassee- but its where we live when we are not on tour), New orleans, Austin, Monterey Mexico, & Houston- and then we are done! A very long tour… starting in Europe back in May. But its almost finished.

We all had a couple of days off. I would be happier about that if I had not come up with FOOD POISONING!!!! Nasty stuff. But I seem to be getting over it. I just finished a short interview for Sonic Seducer… they asked me to reflect on 2004. It got me doing just that, and I have to say this was a difficult, yet important year indeed.

We had some personnel changes, major equipment changes, a new cd, another re-mastered cd, a very long tour, and worked on our upcoming DVD. All kinds of things happened behind the scenes… from a flooded studio to the death of my grandfather, lost luggage and broken down touring vehicles- and we still somehow managed to pull through. We got our music into the itunes store, went to several new countries, and added backup singing with the dancers. Even after one of our dancers left us on very short notice, we quickly found a replacement and lost no momentum. It was hard. I think that sometimes people have no idea the toll that doing what we do takes. But I have to say, with some degree of satisfaction, that we did it.

I really believe the difference between succeeding and failing is often vision, desire, & resolve. By hook or by crook, we have stayed on target. Now I am not saying things will get easier, or that we have hit the zenith or anything- or that there won’t be issues of people coming and going… but I think given the dramatic stumbling blocks we faced, that it is clear that as long as we believe, and as long as our fans believe, there is a high probability of our continued success. To that end we will give our most, and try our best.

We have some great plans for 2005. A new album perhaps, a dvd, another European Tour is being booked as we speak. I think that CXS will take some stabs at higher profile media coverage, a higher profile tour (although maybe shorter in length), and with our fan-base continued support… well, anything is possible. We will be continuing to improve our show and our music, as well as update our equipment.

Aside: In fact we have replaced the ibook we used as a master computer with a high end apple powerbook. The gains to our capabilities have been… well, impressive.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is almost here. CXS will spend it on the road, traveling between New Orleans and Austin. I guess the thing I am most thankful for is the support of the fans, the dedication of the band, dancers, & crew, and the opportunity I have had to make a positive impression (hopefully) through music and art. I would ask any of you who want to let Rachel, Chris, George, Jessica, or Sarah know that you appreciate what they have done for the CXS, please feel free to email them. The letters of support from our fans really does mean a lot. I know it sounds kinda funny- but morale can drop a bit when you are out on the road for so long… and I think its important that the band remembers why we are on the road in the first place.

I guess that is all for now. Obviously i am in a strange mood, perhaps more introspective than normal. But it is the tours end- and before its over- i want to say with all sincerity, THANK YOU to all our supporters, friends, fans, & families. You make it all worthwhile.

Live, Love, Be, Believe


Too much touring , I think.

Its gotten hard going from one show to the next. Might be why most of us are sick. Already we had a trip to the emergency room… and one to a walk-in-clinic. Might be that Europe has spoiled us, but things just seem much harder this time in the US. Maybe its all the shows being so tightly together, almost every night.

We played Dragon-con. It went really well. Thank you to all the people who volunteered to hand out fliers, the t-shirts should be in the mail;-) The fans at D*con were fantastic, and the staff and crew were really great. We had a great line-up the night we played- Faith & the Muse played first, followed by Voltaire, and then we went on. Ended up being about 3 hours late that we went on, but the crowd was still large, and really responsive. I love Dragoncon…. I have more fun playing that show, then just about any other show in America.

Already we have been through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, & Ontario. So the East Coast is mostly finished up. It was a difficult leg of the tour, but hopefully things should ease up a bit.

We did have a short break yesterday, and we went and visited Niagara Falls. We took a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist, which brought us down into the horseshoe. We also went to the Cave of the Winds, which was not actually a cave- but rather an attraction where they let you stand in front of the falls on little planks as the waterfall pelts you with gallons of water. I don’t know what was better- seeing everyone soaked, or seeing everyone in man-sandles (mandatory footwear).

Apparently, this month we were featured in all three of the big German mags- Orkus, Sonic Seducer, & Zillo. Cool.

And don’t forget that much of the CXS catalog is available in the Itunes music store.

I also wanted to mention how well the new dancer, Sarah is working out. She has been fantastic so far.

I hope to have another report for you soon. Between being sick and keeping up our show schedule it has been hard lately.

But hopefully we will see you all at a show in a nearby area:-)

take care-