It is the middle of the night and I have so much work to do. Tomorrow we leave for Dragoncon. This is always an important show for us, and i am hoping that things will come together because we have suffered a few setbacks. Holly, one of our dancers, and Dave, our merchandise guy, will not be continuing on with us on the American tour. They both have their reasons, but it has left us in a bit of a spot. We were fortunate enough to find a dancer to replace Holly… Her name is Sarah- and you can read about her on her bio page (just go to the biography page in the nav bar). We are actually really delighted with how quickly she has picked up on the choreography, but the truth is there is very little time. Still I think she will be fine.

We are really looking forward to the show on Sunday- Faith and the Muse will join us in the Centinial Hall of the Hyatt Regency (in Atlanta GA). I think the show will be a good one. Oh bugger- just noticed there’s a typo on our flyers we had printed for Dragoncon and the dates are wrong in regards to the tour listing- oh well, what can you do?

Oh-one other thing… It seems that I will be a panelist for some discussions at the con- so if you are going- be sure to check those out. Could be fun.

well, that’s it for now. Hopefully we see you in Atlanta.

Much love ro you all-


Tonight, I am in London. We stayed an extra day- went to Camden and visited some of the shops on our day off- Cyberdog etc. The shows in the UK have gone surprisingly well. Even the smaller shows were well attended and I think our popularity in England and Scotland has really taken off this year. The UK has been a difficult market for us in the past, but it seems that things are falling into place. So honestly, I would like to say thanks (or cheers as i discovered) to all our British fans.

Last night was our show at slimelight in London. It was sold out, and the place was packed to the hilt with people. Unfortunately it was beyond hot in that room. The stage (which was made of metal) was wet from the sheer humidity and had become slippery! To fix this they put kitty litter on the stage, I guess to give more grip. This turned out to be an awful idea- wet kitty litter is very hard to perform on. The show started, and I can’t put into words how unbearably hot it was- The dancers had to leave the stage about 2/3’s through the show. The rest of us managed to finish the show, and play an encore, but after that I apparently…uh… passed out from the heat, and sean (one of our roadies from Germany) had to carry me backstage. (sigh) I don’t remember much of the last song, but they tell me I finished it… The crowd was really great, and aside from the heat we had a good time. I guess I am a little embarassed about fainting, but I am proud of the fact I managed to get to the end of the show. I just don’t know how all those people were able to bare the heat just to watch us… I think this show ties or supercedes the record for hottest CXS concert of all time. But the management and staff of Slimelight treated us really well. Next time we must pick a cooler month to play.

The sales of Fortress In Flames have been really outstanding, and we thank everyone who has purchased the disc. This week we have been informed that we will be debuting in Top 20 of the German Charts (DAC). Very cool. Now if we could only find a way to chart in the USA!

Another reminder, you can legally download CXS songs in the itunes store! Very cool- for both PC and Mac. Its only $1 per song, and the quality is amazing. Go to for more info.

So now we head into Eastern Europe. Wish us luck, the last excursion into the east for CXS was riddled with problems, but we try to go where the fans are;-) Our show in Bucharest has been cancelled. Instead we will play in Prague the following day- see our tour info page for specifics. The people in Eastern Europe are really great… so we are excited about everything. Afterall, it will be our first time playing in several eastern countries including Romania, Slovenia, and Hungary.

I guess thats it for now, theres probably a bunch that I have forgotten, but its getting late.

much love to you all-


What a difficult week it has been, but we made it thru- more or less unscathed. After finishing our scandinavian shows, we returned to Germany- did a photo shoot, which i think will turn out really well- and the next day played a show in Bielefeld, before heading to the Dour Festival in Belgium where we played with Oomph!, London After Midnight, & KMFDM. It was a very large mainstream festival, with big alternative acts in every genre from techno to harcore, hip-hop and reggae to metal and punk. It was very strange, but the show went really well. From there we went to Holland to play a show in Roderdam. After we finished soundcheck, Rachel and I headed to a local studio to do some work with Dreamside. But I won’t give away any surprises there, yet. We headed back to the club, played the show, and our friends Ronny and Mojca from Clan of Xymox dropped by. Which was really cool…I have not seen them in a year or so. The remix that Ronny did for Fortress is really excellent, and it was nice to be able to thank him personally. From Roderdam we headed to Zillo where we played a very nice billed slot on Sunday. The rains came and went several times, but the weather was perfect when CXS played. But I was worried for a while. The festival was held in Loreley- at a Rhein river area outdoor concert ampitheatre that seats 8,000 people or so… The festival featured bands like SKINNY PUPPY, WITHIN TEMPTATION, ALIEN SEX FIEND, BLUTENGEL, D.A.F., DAS ICH, IN EXTREMO, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, SUICIDE COMMANDO, UMBRA ET IMAGO among many others- We played a very successful show, I was very proud of the band- Fortunately we were able to get our camera crew to the show to shoot some video footage.

So now we have a day off. Chris is sick, Rachel is not feeling too well either. I have lost my voice, and we all have plenty of bruises and road wounds. But I think a day or two off will help;-) Finally got a chance to wash out the molten plastic I call hair! Anyway, Next we head to Berlin. And then we have a few more festivals and its off to wild, wild Eastern Europe. I think we will be ok. Just have to stay focused- touring can be really hard when you get rundown

Sales in the itunes store seem to be going well, but it would be great to make our presence felt by the music industry. I wonder- what if we had all of our fans buy a particular song on a particular day- would we chart??? I think anything is possible- but for now i just want to let all our fans know that it is possible to legally download CXS music. Please check out the store-

Much love to all our fans- especially all of those who came to Zillo just to see us.


Just a quick note to all our fans in Germany and the surounding areas. CRUXSHADOWS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE BILL FOR SUNDAY AT THE ZILLO FESTIVAL! We will continue with all our other scheduled shows as part of the Fortress In Flames Tour. Please spread the word so CXS can have a strong showing as it was not announced on any of the official posters etc. Not sure if it has been announced yet on the Zillo web site, but that is the latest and best news we have received- unfortunately the festival is only a week away so we must get the news out!

We just played our show in Stockholm last night. Thanks to the promoters and fans throughout Scandanavia. We were overwhelmed by all of the enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

And don’t forget to check out Cruxshadows in the itunes store- (

I will let everyone know more about the Zillo Fest as the information becomes available. Until then.



Hello everyone-

Great News! The Cruxshadows music is now available in the itunes store! What does this mean? It means that users of itunes software ( for both PC and Mac can now download CXS songs for only 99 cents each. Itunes is available in the US, Germany, UK, & France. The software is free. It gives people who want to download music an inexpensive and legal way to get our songs over the internet. It also allows people to preview the songs before buying, so you can be sure of which song you are getting. We think this is the future… check it out and let us know what you think…

On another note- we are doing well, but it is getting hard on the road. Tonight we had a day off and spent most of it driving through Denmark and Sweden- but while we were in Norway on route to our next show (Christiansand), we paid a visit to Stefan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, and his beautiful wife Tiffany. We had a great time, and the hospitality they showed us was really fantastic.

and speaking of hospitality-

Earlier this week we celebrated my birthday (the 4th) in Paris. The promoters from the show held a small party for me, and we took a tour of the city. I just wanted to say a special thanks, because so often my birthday goes by more or less unnoticed (as we are usually on tour).

anyway- need to get some sleep now- but I will write again when i can get an internet connection!

all the best- much love-


Hello all,

its been a day. And first I have to address the situation in Athens.


We just received news from the club in Greece that our show has been canceled. We were actually on our way there from Milan when our booking agent called us to tell us the bad news. We were really upset because we were looking forward to the show in Athens. Thing is, this cancelation seems suspicious to us, and we are hoping everything is on the up and up with the promoter- but our booking agent was told he is in the hospital. We have been unable to reach the promoter and we never got any word from him directly, instead the club informed us the show was canceled. To all our Greek fans- please understand, this has nothing to do with Cruxshadows. We did not cancel this show. All of this is something going on in the the scene in Athens- and my booking agent has assured me we will get to the bottom of things. We are looking at possible ways to book future shows in Greece currently. Again- CXS has never in 12 years canceled a show. The organizers canceled this one… not us. If this situation upsets you- let them know.


But on brighter news, between shows in Spain, France, Germany, and Italy (so far)- we managed to work on a new music video. We shot it with Jochen Schoberth whose music and video credits are too numerous to list, and hopefully when all is said and done it will turn out pretty cool. Either way, it was fun to do. Jochen worked on the recent VNV Nation DVD, and I think we are very fortunate to have his talents on some of our video work.


Tonight we are at a hotel in Munich (München) and some of the band is at the Dark Night Team’s Nerodom club. We hung out there a short while when we last played in Munich, and it was a nice way for the band to unwind after a stressful day. We did manage to go sight seeing in Venice while we were in italy- So yes- we took a gondola ride- I know, I know… very touristy- but whatever, you only live once right…?


We also played a show with our friends in Mesh and Das Ich- called the Secret Garden Festival. Unfortunately George’s guitar pedal completely broke and stopped producing sound. Well, we did what we could but suffice to say it was a very synth oriented CXS show- but the best part of the show was when George plugged directly into the board -dry- and played a unaffected, undistorted version of Marilyn- acoustically- including a solo that was unbelievable. The crowd erupted in applause. It was amazing… if anybody had any doubts about George- well, rest assured he took the worst situation and made it into something really cool and original. The problem was fixed and the other shows have gone off without a hitch in performance.


ok, enough for now. More news soon! I have not had email access in a few weeks so I am sorry to those who have written with no reply. I will post again soon;-)

much love-


Ok- finally a second to breathe. We made it to Europe with little to no problems, which is strange… although the flight was a little on the bumpy side and our take-off was delayed at JFK due to the heavy rain- OH YES- ALSO- our equipment was a bit damaged when we got to Germany (Nothing broken beyond repair). But the trip went smoother than usual. We made it to our first show in Karlsruhe. And despite having to make a number of adjustments and repairs, the show went ok. I say ok, because our power converters for whatever reason fell off the backside of the stage shutting off power to some, and then all of the instruments. But the crowd was enthusiastic and kept calling us back for encores. All in all, It was not a bad first show for our tour.

We made some adjustments and then it was off to Wave-Gotik-Treffen, One of the largest Darkwave events on earth. 50,000 black clad individuals in one place at one time is something to see. We played on Sunday night, in an airplane hanger called the ‘Agra Halle’. Unbelievably, It was filled to capacity. The room holds 12,000 to 15,000 people, and security shut down the entrance because too many people were trying to get in! WOW! The audience was absolutely spectacular, and this year the stage security was really helpful- one of the guards held me up as I walked the crowd barricade. I guess they knew better what to expect when I went into the audience this year 🙂

The energy in that room was just amazing, and if nothing good ever happens to CXS again, then we have been more than fortunate. It was very exciting for the band. So, to WGT and all the fans- Thanks!

We did have some relatively minor problems however, and a guitar string broke during the show… leaving ‘Deception’ a little odd sounding, but George was able to hold it together and somehow transcribed some of his guitar parts up onto another string. This was a really good night. And one I think CXS will not soon forget.

We are off to France next. And this tour looks to be a long one- between 40 and 45 shows in Europe.

Another cool note. We will be the first band from the Darkwave scene to play in Belgrade(YU) since the Sisters of Mercy played in 1990. And The first American Darkwave band there… EVER! So, I’ll try and let you know how things go as they unfold.

Much love to you all-


Well, I guess its about time to make a few announcements. First of all, as some of you are aware, we will be releasing a full-length EP this Summer. The title of the disc is Fortress In Flames, and I believe it is set for a street date of July 6th (July 5th in Europe). It will feature a couple of brand new tracks as well as a slew of remixes of songs from Ethernaut. Its a bit of a tie in disc, and hopefully you will all enjoy it. The cover art, as with Ethernaut, was done by one of my favorite contemporary artist/designers- Chad Michael Ward. We put our heads together and he created an absolutely breathtaking piece. I’m really happy with the new tracks, and there are some excellent remixes as well. We are finalizing the track listing- so I don’t want to speak before things are finished- but there are some impressive new versions of some of Ethernauts more popular songs. I’ll have more on that later- but for now- let me show you the cover…

Still… there’s much more to tell you about. The big question has been- Who’s playing the guitar for CXS now? Well, we found him right here in Tallahassee Florida. As some of you know, we moved across town to a new place. (our studio kept flooding- it IS Florida you know)- Lo and behold we found someone who lives just around the block from our new place… and he has been fantastic. Talented, easy to work with, driven, intellegent, and a really great guy. We hope that CXS fans will welcome him with open arms. Afterall its hard stepping into someone elses shoes. He has put a lot of time and energy into learning all the parts- with the idea of playing them just the way the fans expect to hear them. But theres something very unique about his sound as well… and things seem to only be getting better. A world of possibilities is opening up.

And finally- some news on the dancers. Beth, one of our dancers in the previous years, will not be able to return. She just couldn’t go back out on tour for another 8 months, especially since she is engaged to be married to Gopal Metro of Bella Morte. Touring is really difficult if the person you love is two thousand miles away- and in another country! We were a little bummed- although really happy for her- and we will miss her an awful lot… But we were very fortunate to find Holly McCall of Jacksonville Florida to fill the position. There were a lot of really talented people interested in being a dancer for us, and we had intended to try most of them out. But sometimes you just click with someone… as we did with Holly. so shortly after she showed interest… she had the job. Which is good because there is so much work to do before we leave in May. She has fit in really well, and we are confident she will make a tremendous addition to the CXS stage performance.

We also plan to add something a little new this year. Since stacey’s departure, we were worried about female backing vocals- especially after finding a male guitarist( that would be different eh?). We are doing something I have thought about for a long time. Our dancers will now be providing backing vocals on some of our songs… The rehersals have gone really well, and Jessica and Holly have done a great job recreating the female vocals for the live show.

You can read all about George and Holly on the biography page. Click the navigation bar and select biography- then click their names in the right hand column for their info page.

Well thats it for tonight- so much work to do. Keep checking back- there’s definitely more to come-

much love to you all-


So there is a lot going on…But most of it is mundane or behind the scenes kind of stuff. Today we do a photo shoot. We’ve been spending a lot of time doing the songs we play in concert, but there is a lot of work to be done on some new songs, and little time to complete it. Its really hard shifting between gears… And this new guitarist thing can be quite stressful for everyone. In addition, neither Beth A. or Rachel U. will be coming on tour this year to dance. That left us with another opening to fill. I’m happy to say that we have recently found a dancer who looks like she will work quite well with the band. She has already begun rehearsals, and things are falling into place. We have found our merchandise person, and fortunately our tech person Cole, is confirmed as returning. All the pieces are in place it seems, we just have to work now on getting everything together. I’d be more worried, but it really is like this every year;-)

Thanks to everyone for your support. We have received SO many emails, that it has actually been a bit overwhelming. With much love-


First the bad news… As you no doubt realize, Stacey is missing from many of the graphics on the new website. The truth is, we were quite surprised when Stacey let us know that she would not be returning to the Cruxshadows. She has become involved in a serious relationship, and her priorities, her wants, her goals have all changed. Being a member of this band is about as hard as it gets. We tour for extended periods of time… Travel from here to there… As many as eight months away from family and friends… We are working around the clock. I guess you get to a point where its just too much. Stacey was only with CXS for 2 and a half years, but we will miss her greatly.

Now for the good news…. We WILL be touring this year, and we WILL have a guitar player. We have found someone who is very talented but is also concerned with preserving the uniqueness of the CXS’ trademark sound. I don’t want to give the details away… But I will have more for you soon.

We also have completed the majority of work on our new website. While very similar to our former site, this website is streamlined a bit better, and gives us plenty of room to grow. Hopefully, everyone will find it far more intuitive to navigate, and we have taken a number of precautions to cut down on spam posts in our guestbook. Also- check out the new photos in our gallery- pictures from the 2003 Mera Luna show- They were taken by Kai Schmidt. Very nice I think…

I now have a way to keep up with the news postings more often, and will do my level best not to leave you all for so long again.

It gets very hard to keep up with things. It seems like the more we accomplish, the less time we have. Even our off time gets so packed things that I often find myself craving any kind of escape. But I think the posting will be better.

Email, well, that is another problem. And I haven’t caught up on things. A few weeks ago I received more bad news, well really bad news actually. My grandfather had died. I headed back to Jacksonville for the funeral. Jess and I spent some time with my family, which was nice, albeit under less than ideal circumstances. And of course, during this same time period the studio (and my house) flooded again. Problems with our neighborhood (they didn’t care for us or my rottweiler…)- and “when it rains it pours”- I moved after 11 years in the same place. What a nightmare! Needless to say- I AM WAY BEHIND on email. If you sent me an email and did not get a response, I apologize. Please don’t take it personally. But Things have been crazy, and with the number of emails I have been sent- It seems there is no way to catch up… ever.

But I will try…

We have been working on some new stuff, and while there will not be another new album until 2005 (Ethernaut afterall JUST came out), there will be enough new CXS stuff coming out this year to keep even the most demanding fan smiling.

In the weeks ahead expect a new online store, with some new stuff (for the store anyway!). We should have our European dates up soon, and we hope to add some unique content very soon.

I guess that’s all for now- but stay posted- things are happening awfully quick.

live, love, be, believe