In Gardens/ Searching For The Beautiful Truth

I have a pretty exciting announcement or two to make… But there is a lot going on, so first let me bring you up to speed:


Searching for the Beautiful Truth Tour (the first leg).  We will be on our way tomorrow.  Crüxshadows will be playing a few shows in the UK anchored by our performace at England’s most famous Goth Festival, Whitby Gothic Weekend.  The line up impresses me, and I have to say I am pretty excited to be back in Great Britain.  We will see a few of the bands we have been closest to over the years; Bella Morte and Last Dance from the USA will be there.  I’m a little disappointed we won’t be able to hang out the whole weekend, it really is a great lineup… If you are able, come see us.  Our UK shows outside of Whitby will be supported by our friends in Bad Pollyanna.  If you don’t know them, its only a matter of time; Great band.

Check out the video for Whitby which features our song Birthday here.


22.04.2015 UK-Glasgow, Classic Grand (+ Bad Pollyanna)
23.04.2015 UK-Manchester, Academy (+ Bad Pollyanna)
24.04.2015 UK-Whitby, 21. WGW 2015 (Headliner)
25.04.2015 UK-Birmingham, Institute (+ Bad Pollyanna)
26.04.2015 UK-London, Garage (+ Bella Morte, Bad Pollyanna)

As always we will do our best to keep you updated via twitter, Facebook, and instagram.  Please follow us/subscribe to us etc and see all the behind the scenes photos, thoughts, and insights.  We may even make some video content for our poor neglected Youtube Channel.

After Scotland & England we will head back to the Continent.  Germany is the central focus of the tour, but we will do a show in Scandanavia, as well as the Eurorock Festival in Neerpelt, Belgium;  The Orb, Oomph!, Apoptygma Berzerk… Looking forward to that.  Euro-rock used to be one of the premiere open air festivals in the European scene, and CXS had played it a few times before it shut down a few years ago.  Glad its back.  It looks to be as strong as ever…

In Germany we will team up with our good friend and rising star Monica Jefferies. Later Zeitgeist Zero will join us towards the end of this leg of our tour… So this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.  Here are the shows in Germany, Sweden, & Belgium with the featured support.


28.04.2015 D-Bochum, Matrix (+ Monica Jeffries)
29.04.2015 D-Bielefeld, Movie (+ Monica Jeffries)
30.04.2015 D-Oldenburg, Cadillac (+ Monica Jeffries)
01.05.2015 D-Kiel, Die Pumpe (+ Monica Jeffries)
02.05.2015 D-Berlin, K17 (+ Monica Jeffries)
03.05.2015 D-Zwickau, Club Seilerstraße (+ Monica Jeffries)
05.05.2015 S-Malmö, Babel
07.05.2015 D-Göttingen, Musa (+ Monica Jeffries)
08.05.2015 D-Magdeburg, Factory (+ Monica Jeffries)
09.05.2015 D-Hamburg, Markthalle (+ Monica Jeffries)
10.05.2015 D-Nürnberg, Rockfabrik (+ Zeitgeist Zero)
12.05.2015 D-Stuttgart, Club CANN (+ Zeitgeist Zero)
13.05.2015 D-Frankfurt, Das Bett (+ Zeitgeist Zero)
14.05.2015 D-Aachen, Musikbunker (+ Zeitgeist Zero)
15.05.2015 B-Neerpelt/Sint Huibrechts-Lille, EuroRock 2015
16.05.2015 D-Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn (+ Zeitgeist Zero)

If all goes well, the next portions of the tour will feature shows in a few more countries including The United States & Spain, as well as a summer performance at The Amphi Festival.

New Dancers This Year!

So there is a bit of a change-up this year and we are pleased to announce the addition of two talented new dancers! Suzy Specter and Brittney Newsom have been working hard against a difficult timeline to be ready for the Beautiful Truth Tour.  Please help us in welcoming them into the CXS family!  We look forward to their contributions.


New dancers Suzy Specter and Brittney Newsom announced for The Beautiful Truth Tour.


In Gardens.

The Tour this year has hit us with some unexpected costs, and we are operating from a bit of a disadvantaged position… Okay so thats the Bad News.  The Good News is this:  I decided that it might be a good idea to try and raise a little money going into the tour by writing and releasing a donation driven song.  I know, Its not Christmas BUT… we could really use the help and most people seem to like it when we put our holiday tracks up for download; So I guess this is basically an experiment… We will see how it goes.

The track is titled In Gardens and I hope you all will like it as much as I do.  It has a darker feel to it; seems a bit like an emotional storm moving overhead.  Give it a spin and see what you think.  Unfortunately I just completed the track this morning, so there really isn’t any time to work it into our set. But who knows, If people respond well to it then it might show up in a future live set.  Its free to download and listen to.  Its a pay what you want deal, so we ask that if you like the song and you are able, that you please consider donating something in exchange for the track. Don’t like it? Need time to grow on you? Your paypal is empty? No credit card? No problem… Keep the song.  Help us promote our tour online maybe? We’re not trying to get rich… just trying to cover some of our expenses.  But please do consider supporting us on this.  The song is available as an mp3, aac, AIFF, & WAV. So there should be an audio file for everyone (more or less).

Let us know (via email or social media) if you like the track and if you think its a good idea for Crüxshadows to release songs in the future directly to our fans as donationware, or if you prefer getting your music from established sources like iTunes, or even if you are one of those people who only wants music on CD (or vinyl?).  I have mixed feelings myself.  Its a strange time we live in.  The music industry is changing, so I’m not sure there is a right way to do things anymore.

Anyway, thank you for your support on this, We really appreciate it. You can download the song, lyrics, & art below.

That should be it for now- See you on tour- Until the next time:

Live Love Be Believe



In Gardens (files) TO DOWNLOAD RIGHT CLICK (pc) or OPTION CLICK (mac)

In Gardens- Art

In Gardens- Lyrics

In Gardens mp3

In Gardens aac

In Gardens AIFF

In Gardens WAV

Dont forget to click the PayPal link… And Thank You.


in gardens

In Gardens- by Rogue/The Crüxshadows

Christmas 2014- Light a Way (Back Home)

The New 2014 Christmas Track from Rogue/The Cruxshadows is Now Available!  Light a Way (Back Home). Its a Cruxshadows Tradition:)


I guess I haven’t done much in terms of writing the News post lately.  Fatherhood has occupied a significant portion of my time and I am just not as savvy about things as I once was.  We are a slower burn I suppose…  Which might be one reason for the longevity the band has had over the years; Slow and steady winning races and all that.  I’m looking at the date and strangely enough my last post was exactly one year ago when I released the 2013 Christmas song December Lights:(  Social Media has replaced the news feed in many ways… and now most of my interaction online happen via Cruxshadows’ twitter or instagram.  But as I sit here writing this I realize just how little one can express with 140 characters.  Sometimes the more we are ‘connected’ the less I think we connect… even online.  Regardless, I apologize.  I will try and do a little better going forward.  Now to business:

First the other stuff. Afterall.

There is plenty going on.  Brent and I are still working on our Rock opera AFTERALL.  An early draft saw its first act read publicly at DragonCon(2014) this year.  Since that time we have done some serious revisions, but I am really excited about the possibilities and direction of the project.  We have had inquiries from a few film companies, theatre production companies, agents, and publishers so far that gives me serious hope that the project will be realized at some point in the not too distant future.  Its very different than anything I have ever been involved with or even exposed to myself, and yet it feels familiar and natural.  The story takes place upon the death of the main character.  What follows is a mythology filled mish-mosh centered in the OZ-like purgatory we call Afterall… based on many of the concepts within Cruxshadows music as a whole, it unfolds in a compelling narrative all set to many of the Cruxshadows best songs.  Exciting stuff, right?  I completed a promotional poster for the project earlier this year…  I see a lot of potential here, I think.  You will hear more about this soon if all goes according to plan.

Artwork created by Rogue for the new Rock Opera AFTERALL

Artwork created by Rogue for the new Rock Opera AFTERALL


Now for this years Christmas song.

I had planned to do more than one track this time out, and in all honesty I have not entirely abandoned that goal.  But with time ticking away, I needed to at least get the first song out.  We will see what happens with the others. Stay tuned to Cruxshadows’ Twitter & Facebook pages and I will let you know.  It might be possible to get more tracks out before Christmas.

(Before I go any further, to those of you who are new to our little tradition here, you can download the other Christmas songs to the right.  Their is a variety of file formats, and hopefully one of them works for you.  When I have enough Christmas tracks I may look into releasing the whole group of them as a Christmas album.)

Ok- now that that is out of the way… Where was I?

This year I started working on three songs for Christmas.  One is Celtic themed, one is a traditional, and the last is more of a CXS B-side style song from the days when singles came on LPs or CDs… (oops- showing my age there) … Anyway, I was able to complete the Celtic one this morning and mix it down with some basic mastering.  I may be letting it go a little early, but it sounds pretty good to me and its important to get it out in time for Christmas:-)  It has taken a few sleepless nights to complete, and I stumbled through a few setbacks along the way.  But in the end I have created something that I hope you will enjoy-  that will hopefully enhance your holiday- even if only in the slightest of ways.

Christmas is a mixture of so many different things; reverence, hope, nostalgia,  comfort, childhood, family, & joy (to name but a few).  But it also tends to highlight the emotions we tie to loss, fear, loneliness, and  isolation… of missing something that makes us complete.  Its one of the most overlooked lessons in life that we tend to take not just things… but people we love… for granted.

I used the familiar Irish theme of a lover lost at sea for my Christmas song.  Aside from its obvious thematic link to a celtic style composition, the hinted story becomes a metaphor for Christmas that encompasses not only the fear of loss but also the anticipation, faith, and hope for an eventual return.  There are no reindeer or jingle bells here… But it is a Christmas song none-the-less.  Many of us have lost people we love(d) from our lives, whether through life’s unpredictable daily evolutions leaving us estranged and disconnected, or through the sudden and apparently permanent event of death.  Still others are separated by states, countries, or continents and are unable to be with someone they love.  That separation is defining to many.

I wanted to write a song about never taking what we have for granted; however small and meager it may seem.  Sometimes its difficult to know just how much someone means to you, until you lose them…  Every moment is a gift to be celebrated; Cherished.  Christmas is everyday… the 25th is just the one day we realize it.  Bad things will always happen and nothing in life is permanent.  Even you and I will someday cease to be.  Still,  if life is to mean anything at all then we must find an appreciation for what we have, and what we have had in the past.  It lends a new perspective to the difficult times.  It helps us to soldier on when life is hard; it helps us to celebrate those we love when we have opportunity.

way back home

So here it is- Light a Way (Back Home), a new Christmas track from me to you. Rachel Whitford sang the female vocals on it as a favor to me and I think she did an awesome job.  I hope you enjoy the track.  Remember to get the other tracks if you haven’t already.

The songs are currenty offered as Free/Donationware, there is no charge to download it.  But please, if you enjoy the new track or the other Christmas songs, consider sending us something via paypal.  Thank you for your generosity and It really, really helps, particularly at Christmas time.  Thank you for listening.  Please spread the word- but share the link to our site and not the files if possible.

Merry Christmas- Live Love Be Believe


Please make a donation *DOWNLOAD FILES BY RIGHT CLICK (pc) or CTRL CLICK (mac)*

Light a Way (Back Home) (AIFF)

 Light a Way (Back Home) (WAV)

 Light a Way (Back Home) (MP3)

 Light a Way (Back Home) (AAC)


December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (MP3)

December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (AAC)

December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (WAV)


Tabhartas Dé (MP3)
Tabhartas Dé (AAC)
Tabhartas Dé (WAV)
Anmi’s Christmas (AAC)
Anmi’s Christmas (MP3)
O Holy Night (MP3)
O Holy Night (AAC)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (MP3)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (AAC)
Please make a donation

There is no fee to download. If you like the songs please consider donating. Any amount is appreciated:-)





December Lights…


Another year is almost over.  Seems like the Holidays comes faster and faster. Maybe I’m just moving slower and slower:-)


Our new video for Valkyrie has hit over 10,000 views on Cruxshadows Official Youtube Channel.  The video fell behind its original intended release date, but I am really happy with the final product.  The new retro-futuristic video was directed by Marc Shahboz who also did Immortal and Quicksilver.  It shares his signature style and we think it is really pretty cool.  Please check it out if you have not already, and also please consider subscribing to our channel.  The more subscribers we get, the more we will create video content.

Unlike the rest of the world, We don’t have any advertisements on youtube, and we have no plans to change that in the foreseeable future.  So spread the word, because nothing works like the word of mouth…  Ok, a big budget does, but you know what I mean…:-)


Did I mention that I am collaborating on a play that is rooted in Cruxshadows’ mythology and uses the music of CXS.  No?  Well I am.  I think I mentioned it somewhere.  We are still moving forward on that, and I think there may be a possibility of some other media to support it.  Right now there are all sorts of possibilities… Kind of exciting… Keep your fingers crossed.  I will have more on this when I can give you some of the real details.  But for now: loose lips sink ships:-)

Oh… the Christmas track for 2013/2014. Yes, well…

I wrote and recorded another Christmas song.  This years track is called December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear ____).  Why does everything I do have a subtitle?  I don’t know… I like titles I guess.  Anyway…

The product of more than a few sleepless nights in the studio, I tried to create something that reached out on a personal level to a wide range of people.  I think that while most of us certainly enjoy the Holidays, for many it can be a difficult time as well.

Absence affects everyone in some way, shape, or form.

Some people are removed from their loved ones by distance; Perhaps a father or mother in the military is unable to be with their family, or perhaps close friends are just too far apart to be together.  Maybe finances just don’t allow for one to be ‘home for Christmas’.  Others have lost someone dear to them; a father, mother, brother, sister, close friend, husband, wife, or significant other.  The truth is that absence is a very real bi-product of life among humans.  We are, after all, social animals.  We need each other.  We love each other.  We miss each other when we are apart.  I think that it is important to appreciate what we have when we have it.  There are no guarantees that loved ones will be around next year, next month, or even tomorrow.

Tune into the news on any given day and you will find that life is fragile, and at the same time resilient.  We are given only to our world for a short time, but in that time we are survivors.

I happened on a radio (dedication call-in) show hostess recently who got my attention reading a letter from a “birth mother” who gave up her son to an adopting family at Christmas time.  She never regretted that decision, believing that her son was in the best of all possible situations.  The adoption was open… so she was still a part of his life.  But the woman went on to say that while she was happy in her choices, on the seventh anniversary, in the hour of his birth, she felt as though her heart was breaking as she longed to simply hold that child she had carried…

Absence touches us all in a different way.

Introspection during the holidays can magnify our longing and the expectation of happiness can intensify our pain.  But it is important… because Absence is the darker side of the most precious of all things I know; Absence is a part of Love.  Absence strengthens and affirms Love.  It is, to borrow a concept from one of my favorite authors (Kahlil Gibran), the void that allows us to hold Love, much like a cup holds wine.

So to all of you who find yourself missing someone, With love I dedicate this song to you.

As in the past, along with the other Christmas tracks I have written or recorded over the last few years, December Lights is available here as a free/donation-ware download.  If you like it please consider making a donation via paypal.  Finances not so good?  Wanna think about it first?  Don’t pay for music or art especially from the likes of a spikey haired guy in Florida?:-)

No problem.

No fee is required to download it or any of the other Christmas songs here.  Its just really appreciated.  I am putting up an AAC & an Mp3 file… and based on the responces from last years Tabhartas Dé, a full quality WAV file.  The AAC(iTunes) file should include the lyrics and cover art embedded in it already.  Not sure about the mp3.  But you can download the art and lyrics here.

Click cover image to download artwork.

 Lyrics (December Lights)


I hope you enjoy the song(s) and I wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas & a Wonderful Holiday season:-)

Live Love Be Believe


Here they are: The Christmas Songs

December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (MP3)

December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (AAC)

December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear) (WAV)

Tabhartas Dé (MP3)
Tabhartas Dé (AAC)
Tabhartas Dé (WAV)
Anmi’s Christmas (AAC)
Anmi’s Christmas (MP3)
O Holy Night (MP3)
O Holy Night (AAC)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (MP3)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (AAC)
Please make a donation

There is no fee to download. If you like the songs please consider donating. Any amount is appreciated:-)

Home again, Home again…

Its September 11 and we have just returned from New York.  I remember September 11th 2001, and in much the same way we had just returned from New York as well.  By an odd twist of fate, I was in the World Trade Center just days before it came down.  I was looking for a pharmacy.  Go figure.  I was only in the building for a minute or two (and I am not even sure which building), but nonetheless…  Its worth remembering.  The events that happened that year have affected almost everyone in the world in some way…  The truth is you can never take anything in life for granted.  You CAN however be the best that you can be.  The way we treat others has an impact on the world we live in… There’s always a bigger picture.


The dust from our tour has finally settled and we are back in Florida after what seems like a whirlwind couple of months. Our European dates with an appearance at Mera Luna, DragonCon, and finally Triton Festival in New York has left us tired… but fulfilled. I was really proud of the band, all of us have grown together not only as a cohesive unit on stage, but also as a family. I love these guys, this is what Cruxshadows was always meant to be.  Jessica on drums has made a huge difference in the show; There is an added edge that makes me glad that after 20+ years we are still doing this.  The biggest thing however is the fans.  You are the fuel that keeps CXS rolling… and when it becomes difficult to continue, your stories often convince me that the difference I set out to make, is in fact being made, one listener at a time.  Thats huge to me.


In recent years my daughter has become the center of my world.  As many of you know we take her on the road with us.  She has been amazing and I am so proud of her.  She is so much a part of us and our world… and I wonder how I could have been so blessed to have such an amazing little girl.  I was worried about taking her with us initially, its fairly common among European scene bands as well as bands in the indie scene in the US… but you always stress a bit about how things are going to actually work.  The truth is she has a blast, and we have taken strong steps to maintain a safe, drug free, smoke free environment.  She has been around the world and seen things at age two that many adults have never come close to seeing, and many never will.  She is so smart… and she just keeps on getting smarter.  Cruxshadows has never been a party band, and our band members have gone out of their way to be like big brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles to Anmi.  Thats just how we roll I guess:-)


Even so, I was a little worried about doing Triton right out of DragonCon when I was approached earlier this year.  We have not really played any club or theater shows in the US in about 5 years and I wasnt sure what to expect.  But the festival pushed hard to get us and even agreed to move the dates to ones we could do. They agreed to our rider in advance, even prior to negotiating our Thursday night headlining spot. I won’t lie, there were a number of unexpected setbacks.  We were unable to get a hotel in the city that could accommodate our people and a large touring van with a trailer.  We prefer to have a bus, but it was not in the cards for a one off event. Parking was a problem just in general so we probably lucked out there. Technical issues, merch issues, the list goes on and on.


But through it all, Jet( the event promoter) and his people tried to make everything work.  Effort makes a big difference. The staff at the Gramercy, the crew of Triton, the bands with whom we were fortunate enough to share the stage with that night, they all behaved admirably.  Likewise, I was proud of my band, my crew, my manager, and our agent Athan.  They made everything work somehow.  The dressing room situation was not ideal for anyone. Our contract stipulates a private dressing room.  It became more significant as we had no where else to be with our little girl.  There were only two dressing rooms, both little more than closets.  We were worried that this might be a big problem, but nobody complained. The other bands were respectful of our situation, and showed themselves to be true professionals.  For that alone I have gained so much respect for the acts that played that night.  Bands we have little or nothing in common with musically, congratulated us on our show.  I went in expecting the worst, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found that night…  Nachtmahr spoke about the scene standing united and supporting each other, maybe someone was listening.  Anmi enjoyed a little bit of Assemblage23 from a safe distance, Its awesome to watch her dance and move to the music….


For us the show was a great deal of fun.  The energy from the band was fantastic, and I felt like Zak our LT did a great job with the lights.  Sound was crisp, both on stage and off.  Overall I thought the show sounded and looked the way it should, and there is a great feeling that comes with that.  We agreed not to hang our banner and waived that contract point a few days before the show so that a projector screen could be hung instead.  Several of the other bands required it for their show and for whatever reason the venue could not do both.  Even so, We decided to use the screen ourselves and made arrangements with Xris Smack to do our own video programing.  He came highly recommended… and I have to say, he really came through for us.  It added so much to the show… we may have to consider doing it more often.  Happy accidents…


But the best part of the show was meeting the fans.  We spoke to so many people who had traveled so far to see Cruxshadows play.  I know, we need to do more US shows.  South American shows too:-) I will see what we can do…  I felt humbled by the people who waited for pictures and autographs.  You all are the point of everything… You are what its all about.


After loading out we drove to Jersey two hours south before finding our beds that night.  The next day we did the 15 or 16 hours to get home.  We originally planned to stay to see the bands on Friday and Saturday, but it just wasn’t possible without a hotel in the city.  I know the band was disappointed.  We have  a lot of friends we really wanted to see.  I did get to meet up with a writer that I have been collaborating with (but thats another story for another day).


Thank you to everyone at Triton and best wishes to the other bands out there trying to keep the scene dynamic and alive.


Thank you to everyone at DragonCon as well.  You all do such an amazing job each year.  Maybe we take you for granted a little.  There are plenty of stories to tell from DC this year too… but basically my point was it has been fun but its good to be back home.


Live Love Be Believe


Tabhartas Dé (a new Christmas song for 2012/2013)

Hello everyone,

  • The title says it all… but a few quick things first:

It has been a busy December so far.  We started the month with our new album As the Dark Against My Halo ranked #1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts).  Its the first time that one of our albums has occupied the top slot on any major chart as far as we know.  We have had a few #1 singles over the years, but never an album.  I am really proud of this disc and seeing it go to number one is really a good feeling.  If you haven’t picked up a copy, it would make a great Christmas present- even if its yourself that you plan to give it to:-) Get it from iTunes or Amazon!


As most of you know we will be heading back to Europe to play a few shows… namely The Christmas Ball Festivals, but also a number of other Club and theater shows as well.  In all we will be out for about 2 and a half weeks with a show every night starting on the 25th. Unfortunately that means we will be on the road over the Christmas and New Years holidays, as well as Jessica’ and my 5th Wedding Anniversary (The 5th day of Christmas).  Its going to be hard but if all goes well it will be worth it.  We will have Anmi with us and I am hoping that we can make our time on the road into something special for her… I really want her to have a good time, so keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe Santa will find the bus.  Maybe we will have snow!

In addition, It will be the first European tour for our new dancers Ally Knight and Stacia Hamilton.  I know we have not given them a proper introduction yet, but we will try and get Bio pages together for them as soon as we can.  Until then, heres a little pic:-)


If you are a fan of the band in Europe and can make it to one of our shows, please come out and support our Christmas Tour.  It would be great to see as many of you as possible… And we plan to have plenty of copies of our new disc at the shows.

  • But I need to get to the main point of my post… Sorry, here it is:

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get it finished.  But I did…

For the past few years I have started a little tradition of my own by recording a new Christmas song for the fans and putting it out a week or two before Christmas.  With the tour preparations, I was afraid that there wasn’t really enough time.  But I put in some late night hours and happily I have made something I think is really special.  Its called Tabhartas Dé, and I was inspired to write it by a few old traditional Irish prayers and blessings I found.  I think that it is a unique addition to the world of Christmas music, and I hope you will give it a chance.  As with the other Christmas tracks I have written or recorded in the last few years, it is available here as a free/donation-ware download.  If you like it please consider making a donation via paypal.  If not- No problem, no fee is required to download it or any of the other Christmas songs .  Its just really appreciated.:-)  I am putting up an AAC & an Mp3 file… and I will make it available on a trial basis as a full quality WAV file.  The AAC(iTunes) file should include the lyrics and cover art embedded in it already.  Otherwise you can download the art and lyrics below.


Click cover image for full size artwork.

 Lyrics (Tabhartas Dé)

I hope you enjoy the song(s) and I wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas & a wonderful Holiday season:-)

Live Love Be Believe


Here they are: The Christmas Songs

Tabhartas Dé (MP3)
Tabhartas Dé (AAC)
Tabhartas Dé (WAV)
Anmi’s Christmas (AAC)
Anmi’s Christmas (MP3)
O Holy Night (MP3)
O Holy Night (AAC)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (MP3)
A Promise Made (Wedding Day) (AAC)
Please make a donation

There is no fee to download. If you like the songs please consider donating. Any amount is appreciated:-)

The Christmas Ball Festivals 2012 (Germany)

The Christmas Ball Festivals

We are playing at the Christmas Ball Festivals. Here is a fun little web advertisement:-) &

A Quick Post- Whats going on

Just  a quick update to let you all know whats going on.

1. Sales of the new album have continued to look promising.  We have been ranked in the charts for electronica and landed at #1 for our September sales on Isotank’s top 10 chart.  Cruxshadows was featured in Orkus, Sonic Seducer, Zillo, and Gothic in the past month, and our European tour was a big success overall.  Still, it has become very difficult to reach everyone with the news of our new release.  We are extremely reliant on word of mouth and fan enthusiasm to reach many potential listeners. We would like to encourage all of our fans to help us spread the word about our new album.  We need to increase our club play as well.  If you know a club DJ or internet DJ that might be willing to spin Cruxshadows, please encourage him or her to get in touch with us via our website. ( cruxshadows at thecruxshadows dot com )

Having said that,

2. I am proud to let you know that As the Dark Against My Halo has debuted at #8 on Deutsch (German) Alternative Album Charts.  We have had a number of songs show up on the Singles Chart over the years, but this is our first CD that has appeared in the DACs album based charts to our knowledge.

And while we are on the subject of whats going on in Germany

3. We will be performing a number of shows in Europe in late December and early January.  At the center of our trip to Europe is The Christmas Ball Festivals, a traveling indoor festival that will kick off on Christmas day and continues for a few days afterwards.  The Festival is planned for Köln, Hannover, and Berlin and will feature Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, The Crüxshadows, and The Wars.  You can get more information on the Christmas Festivals in Germany at their website ( ).  We will have more information on other dates in Europe in the next few days, so stay tuned.

4. As many of you already know, we will be headlining the Dark Alternative stage at the Movement Magazine 20 Year Anniversary Party in jacksonville Fl.  Other artists at the 3 stage mini-festival also include Voltaire, Ego Likeness, DJ Rommel (from Razed In Black), Peter Pepper, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, Paten Locke, and much more.  Goth-Industrial, Rock, Rebel Bluegrass, Alternative Hip Hop… pretty much everything just outside the mainstream.  Tickets for the Nov 9th show are still available for $20 per person.  The event will be held at Brewsters Megaplex.  You can find out more info at the Movement Magazine Website ( ).  We should have a few surprises in store, so if you can make it to Jacksonville on the 9th we look forward to seeing you.

5. Today the online underground zine Carpe Nocturn features The Crüxshadows on the cover and an in depth interview with me (Rogue) that addresses a wide range of personal thoughts and behind the scenes insight.  Overall a very good (although long) interview that I think most of our fans will really enjoy.  Carpe Nocturn is sort of an oldschool glue and tape style underground zine that has made the difficult jump to digital format.  Its free and it showcases a lot of what is lost in our online world- the way they used to do it:-)

6. Finally… We now have a free app for both iPhones and Androids.  You can get it here-

Thats it for now- just a quick update.  I will be back with more news very soon.

Until then…

Live Love Be Believe

Rogue of CXS

Short, but important…

Just a brief but important announcement:  As many of you know, Cruxshadows is playing DragonCon this weekend.  We wanted to let all of you know that Sunday night’s show will be a special one.  Aside from the fact that we have a brand new album and will be debuting many of our new songs to an American Audience, our DragonCon concert looks as though it will be Jessica’s last show as a dancer.  If you have the opportunity to catch the show we invite you to please come and show Jess your love.  We will also be introducing our new dancers going forward.   The Show will be at 1:30 AM Sunday Night (Monday Morning)- Tickets for Sunday night are still available.

Both Jess and I are on a number of panels at D*Con which you might want to catch as well.  The most important is probably the Hour with The Cruxshadows that happens on Friday at 1pm.  A few others include The State of the Goth Scene friday evening, the Dragoncon After Dark Contest where Jess and I will be Judges, and Project CosPlay on Saturday at 5:30 where Jess will be participating.

As always we will have our merch booth where you can get all kinds of CXS goods as well as autographs from band members at various points throughout the day.  Hopefully we will see many of you there.


Cruxshadows Live in Germany- photo Max Michaels/

The Darkness before the… Halo


Its an exciting if not slightly stressful time for The Crüxshadows.

We’re in the midst of our DARK HALO Tour in Europe (Germany, Belgium, The UK, & The Netherlands), the new album “As the Dark Against My Halo” is about to be released on CD (Aug 3 in Europe, Aug 8 in the USA) & as a digital download (Aug 3 in iTunes worldwide), and our favorite annual event DragonCon in Atlanta GA is only a month away! Its all happening too fast!

The New album is, in my humble opinion, by far one of, if not the best CD(s) we have ever put out.  I am particularly proud of it.  And seeing as its about 78 minutes long it has plenty of bang for the buck.  As the Dark Against My Halo will be presented in a Digipack similar to our refreshed versions of Ethernaut and Wishfire, and also in this case the cover art is done by ‘yours truly.’  It is of course the first full length since 2007’s DreamCypher and it pretty much picks up where the last album left off.  Its both dance driven and introspective, edgy and passionate, and tied together by the kinds of hooks people have come to expect from us… but at the same time I took some chances and really challenged myself as a vocalist.  If you can’t tell, I am really excited about it.  Please pre-order your copy… or if you need more convincing we have put out a preview of the whole CD on youtube to give you a taste- basically a minute or so from each song to let people know what the CD will be like.

The link to the preview is here, please check it out.  And don’t be afraid to subscribe to our youtube channel.

If you can’t wait for our beautiful Digipack it should be available as a digital download August 3rd in the iTunes store (DRM Free!).  Other stores will follow in the next few weeks, including availability in a number of subscription services if clouds are your thing.  Here is an image of the final cover:

As the Dark Against My Halo

Cover for As the Dark Against My Halo

So we have been playing a lot of the songs from new album throughout our European Tour, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Things have been tough the last few years, but I really feel like everything is headed in the right direction, and the live fan response really reinforces that.  We are doing everything currently within our power to promote the new CD, but we really need our fan base to get behind this disc and help spread the word to everyone and anyone.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of money available to buy advertisements etc:-(, but the strongest advertising is the kind you can’t buy: word of mouth.  This CD represents so much to us… and we have overcome a great deal of hardship to complete this disc, please consider helping us to create the ground swell the album really, truly deserves.   Blog it, tweet it, facebook your friends, email, Vampire freaks, put a sign on your car, knock on the neighbors door and tell them about it, be creative- basically whatever you are willing to do- please do it… As we travel to venues all around Europe in our big purple nightliner (thats a bus for those of you not in the know:-) ) I have become acutely aware of how many people are actually behind us.  It is humbling… and moving.  If we can just all of us make a noise at the same time, I know the world will hear us…

On a side note, I’m sure there are a few live concert posts from the current tour.  But I just saw this fan footage from our shows and thought I would drop it into my post.  There are probably better performance clips out there, Audio is obviously from a point and shoot-but i thought it was cool and the dancers looked amazing.  Email me if you find others we should let people know about.

Angelus Everlasting


intro + Valkyrie

July 31st we play in Göttingen.  If you live in this area of Germany and are able to come to the show, I have good news: an email from the director of Wishfire Records in Europe that says we will have pre-release copies at the show.  That means this show will be the first to have access to the new CD.  I can hardly wait to see them:-)  It also means that barring the unforseen, Dresden, Berlin, Goessnitz, & Mannheim will also be able to buy the CDs at our live show!  In the United States we will of course have them for DragonCon, and we will be available to personally sign copies.  I am looking into whether it will be possible to sell signed copies for a few weeks in the USA online as well… I’ll let you know if we can swing it:-)

On a personal note, I am really happy that my daughter Anmi has been with us on tour.  She is so amazing, I can’t begin to tell you.  Jessica and I are so proud of her.  Shes 15 months Old, but she is so much more aware and alert than she should be.  Anyway, enough of my daddy pride… but in case you haven’t seen the photo of her on stage:

Anmi before A CXS performance Dark Halo Tour

And speaking of photos- Max Michaels of Movement Magazine has been traveling with us and documenting much of the tour in photographs.  If you are interested, he has a facebook page dedicated to his photo impressions of our tour.   Feel free to check it out at

Additionally, since we secured the rights to Crüxshadows back-catalog earlier this year we have been busy releasing or re-releasing many of our past CDs as digital downloads under the Wishfire Records Label.  This means that now when you buy most CXS titles, a good percentage of the money will actually get to Crüxshadows.  We even made available digitally Night Crawls In…

I guess that about sums things up.  And as its very late, if I write any more it will have to be in the next few days.

Much love to you all-

Live Love Be Believe

-Rogue, of The Crüxshadows.

Press Release: The Crüxshadows & Dancing Ferret

This joint press release has been issued by The Cruxshadows and Dancing Ferret.

Since Dancing Ferret Discs announced in 2008 that it would no longer be releasing new material, The Cruxshadows have been hard at work on recording new songs and releasing them through their own label, Wishfire Records. A legal dispute between Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows resulted in some older Cruxshadows titles going out of print. We are pleased to jointly announce that the dispute has been resolved, paving the way for Wishfire Records to release these recordings on their own.

Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows helped each other grow considerably during their ten years of collaboration. The past three years have seen the band accomplish great things on their own, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Dancing Ferret Discs and The Cruxshadows would like to jointly thank all of the fans who have supported our efforts over the years.

-The Cruxshadows & Dancing Ferret

Hopefully this means good things for the band going forward.  I will have a lot of new and exciting information to post very soon as a result.  Stay tuned True Believers…

Live Love Be Believe